Why Are German Cockroaches Everywhere In Mobile?

German cockroach

German cockroaches are well-known for being highly invasive pests and can easily infiltrate the businesses and homes in Mobile. If you want to get rid of cockroaches, you first need to understand German cockroach treatment options for cockroach pest control in Mobile.

How To Differentiate German Cockroaches From Other Roaches In Mobile 

German cockroaches are some of the most easily-recognizable cockroach species that you will see in Mobile. Proper cockroach identification is important in order to find the best professional cockroach remedy for your insect problem. Other cockroach invaders in Mobile include American cockroaches, smokey brown cockroaches, and wood roaches. 

The German cockroach stands out from the rest due to its smaller size and tannish to brown coloration. This roach also has two darker stripes that go down its back, starting from behind its head. Another easy method of cockroach identification is paying attention to where these pests hang out. German cockroaches prefer humid, warm areas and will make themselves at home in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other moisture-ridden area that has easy access to food.

How Are Cockroaches In Mobile Harmful To Your Health?

While many people know that cockroaches are unhygienic, these pests can be more harmful to your health than most people understand. Cockroaches routinely walk through areas such as sewers, dumpsters, and waste. They pick up bacteria in these areas that they then bring to your home, contaminating countertops, food storage areas, and cabinets. Diseases you can pick up from a German cockroach or its waste include cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, and salmonellosis.

It is also important to note that shed cockroach skins can trigger asthma or respiratory allergies in some individuals. A large cockroach infestation may lead to breathing or allergy issues for those in your home, which is why a professional cockroach remedy is so important to invest in if you have a German cockroach problem.

How Can I Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Mobile?

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of cockroaches in Mobile, the most effective of which include proactive prevention and professional German cockroach treatment. The steps below can help deter a cockroach infestation before it gets out of control:

  • Seal up gaps and cracks in your foundation, windows, and doors that these pests might be able to enter through. You should also make an effort to replace any broken window and door screens and damaged weatherstripping in addition to keeping exterior doors and windows closed as often as possible.
  • Throw away trash in tightly sealed bags and store all leftover food promptly. Don’t forget to clean up food and drink spills and dirty dishes, as the scent from these items lures cockroaches to your house.
  • Fix moisture issues and leaks around your home, as cockroaches gravitate to moisture.
  • Keep your home decluttered and throw away stacks of cardboard or plastic bags. Keep your yard free of debris and the grass trimmed low to reduce cockroach hiding spots.

And remember, prevention is only one part of cockroach control. For help with an ongoing infestation, contact professional cockroach pest control in Mobile. The experts at EnSec Of Alabama will be able to provide you with further advice and assistance when it comes to removing German cockroaches from your property for good.