A Guide To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Pensacola Home

ants invading a home

The Florida panhandle is filled with beautiful beaches and other outdoor wonders. Pensacola is no exception. Homeowners in this area are lucky to have such great, sunny weather. But owning a home comes with its downsides. Today we are talking about home-invading ants. Why do ants invade homes in the first place? How can you keep them out of your Pensacola home? Take a look at our step-by-step guide to keeping your home ant-free.

What Do Pensacola Homeowners Need To Know About Ants?

Ants are common in the United States, with several hundred species. Most ants are dark brown in appearance, with segmented bodies, ranging anywhere from 1/16" to 5/8" in size. Should you find any in your home, they may be swarming around excess water sources, or sweets that have been left out. While ants are primarily nuisance pests, there’s another side to the story.   You may think of ants as tiny and harmless, but they do pose risks to homeowners. Despite the many different species of ants, there are certain risks they share in common. Most often, they’re capable of contaminating food. Some ants, such as odorous house ants, will give off a rotten odor when crushed and killed. Red imported fire ants are particularly dangerous, as they will sting anyone who comes into contact with them. These stings can be worse for those who are allergic to them. It’s safe to say no one wants these insects in their home. Prevention is key to making sure ants never crawl their way into your property.

Steps To Keeping Ants Away From Your Pensacola Home

Ants are definitely bad news for any homeowner. So what are the best ways to keep them away from your home?

  • Giving your home a deep clean is a great place to start. Ants of all types are attracted to food. So wipe out your cupboards and clean beneath heavy appliances and furniture. Leave no corner untouched as ants will likely find their way there.
  • Eliminate access to food. After cleaning as much as possible, be sure to properly store your food away and out of reach.
  • Eliminate access to water as well. Take care of any leaky sources, such as faucets indoors or hoses in the yard.
  • Cut back on any plants or tree branches that touch your home. Ants use these as a way to get to your outer walls or roof areas.

If you do happen to spot ants in your home, it is helpful to identify which species they are. But this can be tough. The best step is to contact a licensed professional.

Professional Ant-Control With EnSec

Ants are persistent and common, but you don’t have to let them take up residence in your home. Given that ants are social creatures, they will very likely not be alone. Spotting just one or two ants can mean you have an infestation in your home (or at least nearby). This infestation is bound to grow into a bigger problem over time, so don’t delay. Our team of experts at EnSec has all the tools you need to get rid of ants. Contact us today to find out more about our ant control options. We can help you keep your Pensacola home free from ants once and for all.