Springtime Pest Issues on the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast

orange flowers outside in spring

Springtime is here! The birds and bees are busy preparing for the season, and we should make plans as well. Insect activity is increasing, and signs of their presence are evident. Biting mosquitoes, busy ants, and swarming termites are part of our landscape on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama. As your lawn revives from winter dormancy, weed activity can also be expected. Here is a list of action items suggested by EnSec Pest and Lawn to stay ahead of pest problems.

A thorough inspection of your home and property is the best way to start. Check the caulking around exterior doors and windows for wear and tear. These are prime entry points for water intrusion that can lead to termite infestations. Roof leaks also contribute to water damage and pest challenges in the home. Any tree limbs overhanging or touching the house should be cut back as falling leaves can collect on the rooftop and promote carpenter ant and Formosan termite colonization.

Most pests find their way into your home through small entry points. A worn or altered rubber seal at the base of the garage door is a favorite passage for rodents and roaches. Regular door sweeps are also a popular spot for intrusion. Manicure the lawn and hedges around the house perimeter to reduce pest resting areas. Call EnSec for a free pest inspection and sign up for an annual, tri-annual, or quarterly pest control service.

Irrigation is vital to the success of your lawn. Inspect all sprinkler heads for damage or clogs. Clear away any thatch layer that may have grown over the sprinkler heads. Check the automated timer function for each zone in the yard and let the system run through at least one cycle to clear the standing water that has been sitting for months. Double-check that all sprinkler spray is covering the areas as designed. Areas left unirrigated can create hot spots in the turf and these areas will respond poorly to summer heat exposure. A lawn that is drought stressed is susceptible to pest infestation. Overly watered lawns promote weed activity, such as dollar weed, and can lead to horticultural challenges such as fungus development and root rot. It’s still a bit early in the year to start regular irrigation rotations but ensuring the sprinkler system is working to full capacity will help maintain a healthy lawn. Your EnSec lawn technician will help monitor soil moisture conditions throughout the year and provide guidance for irrigation timing and frequency. Consider an EnSec soil aeration service to help invigorate the root system of your lawn.

Call the experts at EnSec Pest and Lawn for a solution to your pest problem. Don’t let spring fever let the bugs heat up around your home!