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Are Storms a Bad Omen for Pests?

Are storms a bad omen for pests? Well, storms can have a huge impact on them, especially during extended periods of heavy rainfall. Their survival often depends on finding dry shelter, and your home may be the easiest solution. Many pests can drown during storms and are on the move for safe, new nesting sites such as your basement, attic, garage and kitchen.

Some of the more common pests affected by storms include ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and rodents. If you’re expecting heavy rainfall, here are some things to watch.

Before a Storm

If you spend much time in nature, you’ve probably noticed that birds, small animals and insects sense the storm’s arrival. As the barometric pressure drops, their behavior changes. An increase in insect activity outside is common as they make their storm preparations. Prior to a storm is when pests are most likely to move into your home. Like you, they want to stay warm and dry. An easy meal makes your house even more appealing.

You may find your kitchen overrun with ants or cockroaches in your cupboards. As insects move into your home, spiders follow. Since their food source is other insects, spiders will be on the hunt for their prey. Webs in window sills or other strategic places allow them to catch insects entering your home.

During a Storm

Before a storm is when insects are most active. But other pests, most notably mice and rats, may invade your home during heavy rainfall. As their nests flood, rodents abandon them and turn to higher and drier ground. They can easily enter through holes and gaps around your foundation before settling in — usually between your walls.

Once in your home mice and rats can wreak havoc, chewing through electrical wiring and raiding your kitchen pantry. They can also carry diseases and fleas, putting you, your family and your pets at risk.

After a Storm

Living in Alabama or the Florida Panhandle, you’re probably already cautious about standing water near your home — especially with high humidity. Some insects, like mosquitoes, use standing water for breeding grounds. Before you know it, the mosquito population is out of control.

As a homeowner, there are steps you can take to keep the pests away. Before a storm, seal any holes, gaps or cracks around your foundation, siding, doors and windows. Once the storm has passed, drain any standing water in your yard.

If storm-related pests are making your life miserable, we can help. Contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today for your free service estimate!

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