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Common Home Pest Infestation Areas

Finding a pest in your home is disturbing. What’s worse? Finding a full-on infestation of the buggers. They are tough to get rid of on top of being just plain creepy. To prepare for this, homeowners should know the most common places for an infestation.


Pests will always enjoy the kitchen. Food and water are very attractive to the bugs if left unattended. This includes crumbs left on the floor, dirty dishes, and more. Unsealed snacks and other food items in the pantry are also a haven. Make sure to thoroughly clean your kitchen floors, wipe down counters and securely store food to prevent an infestation.


The dark, isolated attics of many homes are appealing to pests and rodents. Different types of rodents, such as rats or mice, live up there for long periods. Pests will come in and feed off the excrement left behind. Attics are tough to handle once an infestation occurs, so be sure to keep up on cleanliness in this area.


Of course on the other end of the home from the attic is the basement. Being at the bottom of the house, this area is quite easy to infiltrate from outside. Dark, moist cracks and crevices are enticing for the little nuisances. The basement is particularly troubling as vermin can make their way into the foundation of a home.


Similar to the basement, bathrooms are also a common dwelling due to high moisture levels. Bathrooms with showers are typically an issue because of the added moisture. Mold will form, alluring creatures into the area. Water buildup around pipes and drains will also draw the bugs in. Silverfish and cockroaches are what a homeowner would likely find in their bathroom.


Garages are tough because they have the accessibility of the basement and are dark. They are also often left uncleaned, making pest removal a cumbersome task. Unopened boxes make nice homes for the uninvited guests, as well as unsealed containers such as old paint cans. Keeping your garage organized is a good way to start preventing an infestation.


This one may seem obvious, however, many pests encountered outdoors pose issues. Stinging insects such as hornets and yellow jackets are dangerous, and even lethal if an allergy is involved. Ticks and mosquitoes also love feeding on humans and potentially carry disease. Other types of critters, such as raccoons, imply a threat to any home lawn or garden.

How to Handle and Prevent Infestation

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