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Common Places Where You Might Find Rodents in Your Home

Rodents are challenging pests to manage because they tend to hide in unusual places. Homeowners can sometimes spend days searching for rodents before finding nests in an unexpected area. If you have found rodents in your home, it is important to recognize that these pests are unlikely to leave on their own. Rodents can carry food to their nests, so you might not see them for several days while they wait for a safe opportunity to search for nourishment. Finding the rodents in your home is an important initial step toward returning to living free of pests. rodent card

Under Couches

Couches are a favorite hiding spot for rodents looking to establish a nest. Most couches are made with soft materials that are ideal for burrowing. Rodents are also able to eat some of the materials that are used to build couches. Worst of all, many homeowners consume food while sitting on their couch, so rodents often feed on crumbs and other foods that homeowners leave behind. You should turn over your couches to look for feces or entry holes to rodent nests.

Near Your Pantry

Rodents are often attracted to homes by the aroma of food coming from pantries. When rodents find their way into your pantry, they often leave urine and feces behind. Some rodents will even attempt to develop nests in your pantry. In most cases, rodents will try to hide near walls on the floor of a pantry. You may also find rodents on the shelves of your pantry or behind large objects. Reorganize your pantry to see if you can find any evidence of rodent activity near the places where you store your food.

In Your Garage

Garages are ideal for rodents because they offer plenty of hiding spots and trash cans to scavenge for food. The most common place where rodents hide in a garage is behind trash cans. You should pull back your trash cans to see if you can find any nests or rodent feces. Rodents may also attempt to hide behind shelves, paint cans, or large tools. Search through your garage thoroughly if you have seen or heard rodents as you leave your car.

In Closets

Clothes can provide rodents with a place to hide because they are soft and easy to move. Finding rodents in closets is especially difficult because homeowners often have hundreds of items of clothing that can offer space for a rodent nest. In general, the best way to find rodents in your closet is to listen carefully for sounds of squeaking or scurrying. Sounds tend to be dampened in closets, so you can usually hear mice in these areas. Make sure that you search your closets soon before the rodents in your home have time to ruin your clothes.

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