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DIY Pest Control Tips

Ensec Pest and Lawn control knows that homeowners like to take an active role in preventing pests from infesting their home. While some jobs are best left to the professionals, we want to help our customers in the Southeast regions of Alabama and Florida by providing tips that can prevent an infestation from occurring.

Steps to help prevent infestation

It’s important to note that DIY pest control is more about preventing pests, rather than treating an active problem. Once established in your building, pests are small and can reach areas that the average homeowner can’t treat.

  1. Don’t neglect the yard. No one likes their grass to be unattended, but the problem goes deeper than just an unattractive yard. Tall grasses, weeds, fallen limbs and piles of leaves are the perfect hosts for a variety of pests, from termites to beetles and snakes. Help protect your home by maintaining the landscaping of your house. If pests invade your yard, it’s likely they’ll turn to the nearest structure for warmth and shelter in poor weather. In this instance, it’s your home.
  2. Regularly inspect your home. Cracks, bent gutters and lifted shingles should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid opportunistic insects from finding a footing in your home. If you favor wood mulch in your flower beds, be sure to leave a space between the mulch and your foundation to deter termites.
  3. Carefully seal all cracks around windows and doors that lead to the exterior of the home to prevent intruders. Snakes and mice require only a very small opening about the size of a quarter to pass through.
  4. If you choose to treat your yard and house with commercially available products, read the labels carefully to ensure they are safe for pets, children and your water supply.
  5. Be vigilant for all signs of infestation. In South Florida, you may encounter a type of rat commonly called a ‘roof rat.’ These rodents tend to stay high off the ground in roofs or trees, leaving the only sign of infestation sounds in the attic. Other signs of infestation include: smeared, darker streaks on baseboards, a number of wasps or bees in a localized area of the exterior roof, termite markings on the exterior of your foundation and the presence of any droppings in your cabinets or floor.

Contact a professional

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, or just need a little help with either pest control or maintaining your landscaping, contact Ensec. Our services are provided by licensed, trained technicians. All of our services are guaranteed, while our wood-destroying insect and fire ant services are warrantied. We love our community and show our appreciation for your support with our promise to provide outstanding service at affordable prices.

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