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How to Avoid Bringing Home Bedbugs From Spring Break

If you are among the many people who plan to go on vacation for spring break, you will need to keep an eye out for bedbugs if you don't want to bring the pests home. Bedbugs will gladly make a nest near your bed if you give them the opportunity, coming out to feed at night. 

The good news is that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about bedbugs when you keep a few tips in mind. The right strategy and a little dedication will prevent bedbugs from causing problems, and you will know that you have made the right choice.

Use the Internet

bedbug cardOnline review sites are a great resource for those who want to avoid bedbugs over spring break. If the invaders have infested the hotel at which you booked your reservation, other guests will likely write about it online, making the internet a valuable tool. 

Check several sites for the most recent reviews, and you will know whether or not bedbugs have been causing trouble. If your hotel has bedbug reports within the past few weeks, you might want to request a refund and find a new place to stay. 

Keep Your Suitcase out of Harm's Way

While you don't want bedbugs to bite your skin while you are asleep, you will also need to protect your suitcase from the pests. Bedbugs will crawl inside your bag and get into your clothes if you don't take action to prevent them from doing so. 

Because they can't climb smooth surfaces, placing your suitcase in the bathtub or on the bathroom sink will reduce your odds of getting bedbugs. You must always change in the bathroom and keep your dirty clothes in plastic bags so that the pests won't be able to access them. 

Dry Your Clothes When You Get Home

You should leave your clothes inside the plastic bags when you return from your trip if your goal is to safeguard yourself from bedbugs. The pests won't last long in high temperatures, so you can place your clothes in the dryer on the highest setting to kill any insects that might be on them. While your clothes are in the dryer, you can place your suitcase in your bathtub and use a hair dryer to decontaminate it. 


If bedbugs have followed you home, you will need to take action right away if you want to stop them from spreading. The team at ENSEC can give you the support you need. ENSEC offers both traditional treatments as well as thermal remediation (heat treatment) to get rid of bed bugs. When you reach out to us for guidance, we will dispatch one of our experts to your location. Once we get to know you and your needs, we will find a solution that makes sense for your situation, providing you with impressive results.

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