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How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard This Summer

Snakes aren’t as bad as they seem. They play a crucial role in the ecosystem, because they help keep other pest populations under control. However, most people don’t want to see snakes in their yard. This is particularly true if poisonous snakes happen to be common in your area.Florida Yard

Snakes don’t want to see humans, either. They make their way into your yard because they are looking for food and trying to explore. By thinking about what is attracting them to your space, and by taking simple measures to keep them at bay, you can encourage these pests to stay out of your yard this summer.

1. Take Care Of The Clutter

Snakes like to stay out of sight. If there is anything in your yard that provides them with a “safe” spot to hide, like wood piles, toys, or debris, make sure to pick it up and find a better place to store it. In addition, don’t leave out anything that the snakes would consider a food source. If you have pets, for example, always remove their bowls when they are finished eating. Pet food is very attractive to snakes.

2. Cut The Grass

Tall grass also gives snakes a place to hide. In addition, tall grass is attractive to other pests, many of which are a food source for snakes. Therefore, it is important to keep the grass cut back. Keeping your landscaping maintained as a whole is also a good idea; for example, trim your bushes down and away from the house.

Without a place to hide, and without a ready source of food, most snakes will choose a different place to explore.

3. Close Up Holes

Snakes do not need a lot of space in order to be able to access your home. Something as small as the width of your finger will allow them to gain entry, which is why it is so important to periodically walk around the exterior of the home looking for gaps that need to be filled. In addition, do not forget about the weather stripping under your doors; if it has seen better days, go ahead and replace it before you start experiencing problems. Finally, if you have a shed or another exterior building on your property, do not forget to address any holes there as well.

Most people avoid talking about and thinking about snakes. However, as the weather gets warmer, these pests start to become more active and more visible. Particularly if you live in an area where there are poisonous snakes, it is important to take steps to keep these creatures out of your yard and away from your home. If you notice a problem despite your best efforts, get in touch with EnSec Pest and Lawn. Our goal is to keep your home free of snakes. If you have an existing problem, we’ll take steps to get rid of these pests, and we will work to keep them from coming back.

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