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How To Protect Your Dog From Ticks

Unfortunately, ticks are a common occurrence during the spring and summer. They are ugly little creatures that gravitate toward pets; they are hard to take off, and the entire process of getting rid of them can be extremely frustrating. How can you protect your dog from ticks? There are a few different methods of success.Lawn

Do A Check

Each time you take your dog outside, particularly if they have been in the woods or in tall grass, make sure you look over your dog to see if any ticks are present. In particular, it is important to look between the toes, around the ears, on the neck and around the legs. Ticks can nestle down deep in the fur, so make sure you look through all the hair carefully.

If you check diligently, you may be able to find and remove ticks before they are too firmly embedded in the skin. Regardless, you need to take the tick off immediately, taking special care to remove the entire body from your pet’s skin. If you have a concern, consult with your dog’s veterinarian.

Keep It Clean

The presence of ticks in the home does not mean that it is unkempt in any way. However, by targeting a few areas of the house and making sure that they are clean and picked up, you can discourage the presence of certain pests, including ticks. For example, if you have carpet, make sure to vacuum often. At minimum you should vacuum once per week. In addition, make sure to vacuum areas that you may not be able to see, like under the couch. Finally, wash your pet’s belongings often and do so in hot water.

Take Care Of The Yard

Keeping your yard in order is also important. Make sure there are no tall grasses; ticks thrive in this type of environment. If you have a wooded area near your home, use wood chips to create a natural barrier that will discourage ticks from moving toward the house.

Keep your grass cut often; once a week is best in the spring and summer. Not only will this help with ticks, but it will help with other pests as well. You can keep out wildlife that may be carrying ticks by putting up a fence. Finally, get rid of any debris. Ticks and other pests will attempt to hide in or around these objects.

Tick season is in full swing, and as a pet owner, it is up to you to help make sure your dog isn’t affected by these little pests. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can cause skin infections, Lyme disease and more. Therefore, it is very important to address an issue as soon as it becomes apparent that there is a problem. If you are dealing with a tick infestation and can’t seem to get rid of them, contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today. They are happy to create a plan to help you eradicate these creatures and keep your dog safe all summer long.

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