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Insects That Are Actually Beneficial For Your Plants

If you’re not an avid gardener, you may not know that there are insects that actually help protect your plants as they grow and thrive. Helpful insects are a great alternative to using chemical fertilizers or other insecticides. Obviously, many insects would be considered harmful and feed off your plants such as Japanese beetles, mites and other parasitic creatures. They are there to eat what you are growing, but if you have some of these insects housed in your garden, you house a natural security system. Here’s a guide to help you recognize what kind of insect can actually stick around.


1 - Ladybugs

These are also known as lady beetles and are the most popular and recognizable beneficial insects. They feed off of mites, aphids, and mealybugs.


2 - Minute Pirate Bugs

These bugs are black and white and will attack any other pests that are in your garden. They are aggressive in feeding off of other bugs in your garden.


3 - Tachinid Flies

Now, these flies don’t feed off your plants themselves. Rather, they like to eat caterpillars. Their larvae actually burrow inside caterpillar colonies and destroy them from the inside.


4- Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes aren’t actually insects, but they are microscopic entities that destroy harmful pests in the soil. They feed off of Japanese beetles, gnats, fleas, weevils, and even borers.


5 - Praying Mantis

Another recognizable insect, these are also aggressive critters in that they will attack any wasp, bee or other insects like fleas and feed off of them.


6 - Bumblebees

These will be targeted if you choose to house praying mantises, yet, if you have these critters on their own, your garden can flourish as well. They are the most industrious pollinators of the insect world, so you can be assured that they will help your garden along.


7 - Spiders

Don’t fear these creatures when they spin their webs amongst your plants. They actually feed off of flies and fleas that get caught in their web and they are also large enough that they eat caterpillars.


If you have invasive pests in your lawn or garden feel free to reach out to us and we at Ensec lawn and Pest will be happy to assist you with your pest and lawn care needs. 

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