What Smells Do Bed Bugs In Pensacola Hate?


When it comes to biting pests, bed bugs are some of the easiest to get and hardest to get rid of. That’s why more and more people are turning to essential oils and other natural remedies to ward off bed bugs and protect their loved ones. Problem is, not everyone knows how to tell what actually works. Here’s where you can learn all you need to know about proper bed bug control.

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Bed Bugs Aren’t Easy To Prevent

People often think that bed bugs won’t happen to them, either because they keep a clean property or they think that bed bugs only target certain areas. While it’s true that cleanliness helps reduce your risk of pests, bed bugs are only after one thing: people to feed on. They don’t just infest mattresses, either. Instead, bed bugs can be found inside furniture, stored items, or behind wallpaper or under floorboards. They are also nature’s hitchhikers, clinging to the clothing and belongings of unsuspecting people so that they can be carried effortlessly from one place to the next. This is why you can never be too careful when it comes to bed bugs. You can also never truly be certain that you won’t come into contact with them, and therefore easily introduce them to your property.

Do Essential Oils Even Work?

Because of the dangers they pose, people will try just about anything to ward off bed bugs or get rid of them once they’ve moved in. That’s where the essential oils craze comes in. There is no end to the accounts you can find online of people claiming that certain natural sprays or essential oils were completely effective at eliminating bed bugs. While there are certainly some essential oils or other products that can deter bed bugs from biting you, it’s important to understand that very few methods work to eliminate the problem entirely. Things like citrus oils and repellant aromas found in some plants can have limited success at killing off or repelling bed bugs, but they likely won’t eradicate the population. Keep in mind, it’s not just the bed bugs themselves you need to worry about -- it’s also their hidden eggs. Unless you know how to thoroughly inspect your property and root out bed bugs and their eggs, these natural solutions will provide temporary relief, not a full-blown solution.

Tried & True Bed Bug Prevention

Instead of turning to costly essential oils or unproven treatments, instead, turn to these tried and true bed bug prevention measures. Keep in mind that none of these can guarantee you won’t get bed bugs, but they will improve your chances:

  • Used Items: One common way people introduce bed bugs to their property is through contaminated items like used furniture or clothing. Thoroughly check these before you bring them inside your property.
  • Hotspots: Because bed bugs gather wherever there are people, certain public spaces act as hotspots for bed bug activity. Pay extra attention to where you sit or set down your belongings when in hotels, transit centers, or other public spaces.
  • Inspections: Ideally, you’ll turn to experts for this. Even still, it can be useful to check your bedroom, closets, and other frequently targeted areas for signs of bed bugs or eggs. Look for the tiny, dark bugs or their creamy eggs.

Let EnSec Keep You Safe

The best way to deal with a bed bug problem is to call the expert right away. Instead of wasting your time and money on essential oils or temporary smells that don’t solve the problem, you can get guaranteed results from EnSec of Florida. Our thorough inspections of your property can help you determine if bed bugs are already a problem or could easily become one. From there, we can offer you safe and effective solutions to eliminate the problem or better your chances of avoiding an infestation. Don’t try to ward off bed bugs with smells or homemade tonics, instead contact EnSec today.

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