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Fire Ants on a deck

Are The Fire Ants In Mobile Dangerous To People And Pets?


Fire ants are stinging insects, well known for their gingery coloring and sharp stingers. They are a tough species and have even been known to survive floods. Fire ants have a dedicated venom-injecting stinger, as well as mandibles for biting. Their numbers can increase rapidly; if a fire ant colony decides to move onto your property, the infestation can be overwhelming and fast.   ... Read More

Swarm of termites on the ground

The Best Way To Keep Termites Out Of Your Pensacola Home


Termites are insects that feed on dead plant matter, such as decaying leaves and wood. While subterranean termites build their nests underground, other species favor damp soil and coastal environments. As such, many types of termites are attracted to the Florida Panhandle. Protect your Pensacola home before termites make a meal of it. Find out how to keep termites away and how to treat an active infestation. ... Read More

up close image of an american cockroach crawling on a kitchen counter

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Mobile Homes


If you’re a Mobile homeowner, keeping pest remediation at the front of your mind is a must. You may not have spotted any insects and creatures around in a while, but that isn’t to say they aren’t present somewhere. Many can come into your place and form a nest without you even noticing it. Then one day, you’ll find that your property or personal effects are ruined. ... Read More

a clean residential kitchen

The Trick To Keeping Your Mobile Home Pest-Free


Many Mobile homeowners will put off pest remediation to reduce their amount of monthly tasks. After all, they are usually swamped and have a plethora of responsibilities. You may have to delay something to free up time. However, dealing with insects and creatures shouldn’t be one of them. Whether there are plenty of critter sightings or not, you have to stay ahead of the game.... Read More

up close image of a termite in damaged wood

Keep Your Mobile Home Termite-Free


Insects and creatures that attack wood, such as termites, can make your Mobile home uninhabitable. Owners have had to ultimately relocate or be temporarily displaced following an infestation. These critters are often successful in their endeavors because they operate out of sight. Generally, they’ll stay hidden in soil or inside of walls.... Read More


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