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A garter snake in the grass.

Are Snakes In Mobile Dangerous?


While many pests and wildlife species can make their way onto Mobile, Alabama properties, some are more feared than others. Snakes are some of the most dreaded animals in the world, and many people are severely afraid of these creatures.... Read More

An American cockroach on butter.

The Problem With DIY Cockroach Control In Pensacola


If you have never considered the many downsides to having cockroaches inside your home, here is what you should know, including some reasons DIY cockroach control might make things worse for you and your Pensacola home and property. ... Read More

street view of home

Why Professional Pest Control Is The Way To Go In Pensacola


Everyone loves the sub-tropical weather that Florida has to offer all year long, and even though Pensacola is nestled sweetly on the coast of the panhandle, we still get to enjoy nearly year-round toasty comfort. The problem with that, though, is that the 'seasonal' part of seasonal pests becomes more of a guideline than a hard truth. For Florida, Pensacola included, most pests are active throughout the year, making proper pest control for you... Read More


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