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a cluster of fire ants on a stem

Pensacola Property Owners' Ultimate Fire Ant Control Guide


Fire ants can transform any Pensacola property from paradise into a nightmare. These ants are aggressive, venomous, and everywhere. It's up to you to protect yourself from these unwanted guests. If you don’t know where to begin, check out this guide to fire ant control and learn everything you need to know about these pests.... Read More

a home in pensacola florida protected by pest control services

How Pro Pest Control In Pensacola Is More Affordable Than You Think


When you think about controlling pests around your home, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people were taught at one point or another about “simple” strategies to keep certain pests out of their homes. We believe that a proactive approach is much better than reacting when pests find their way inside. What might come as a surprise to you is that professional pest control is often cheaper than DIY. Learn why.... Read More

termites tunneling in wood in a mobile home

Are Termites In My Mobile Home Harmful To My Health?


It is common knowledge that termites are destructive pests. The question is, beyond doing damage to homes, do termites cause any more problems? Are they harmful to humans as well? We have your answer here. This is what you should know about termites and how to keep them away from your Mobile home.... Read More

a mosquito in a pensacola garden

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Pensacola Lawns?


Being bitten by a mosquito does not hurt, or at least the pain is minimal. For this reason, many people do not consider these pests threats. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Mosquitoes pose a very real threat to people in the diseases they carry and spread. To help you avoid these dangerous insects, we have a few things you should know, including what attracts mosquitoes and what you should do to keep them away.... Read More

a bed bug infestataion in a home

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About The Bed Bugs In Mobile


How much do you know about bed bugs in Mobile? Unfortunately, there's quite a bit of misinformation about bed bugs on the internet. Find out more about the facts regarding these little bloodsuckers, and get one step closer to protecting your home from these pests.... Read More

a norway rat crawling inside of a mobile home

How Dangerous Are Rats In Mobile?


What would you rather find inside your home, a rat or a mouse? Most people would probably choose a mouse. Why? Because they might assume that mice pose less of a threat due to their smaller size and objectively cuter appearance. We are here today to discuss the true dangers of rats and decide once and for all which type of rodent is more problematic. This is what you need to know.... Read More


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