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an american cockroach crawling along a basement wall

Pensacola's Complete Guide To Effective Cockroach Control


Continual pest remediation is a must for any Pensacola home or business owner. Getting indoors is a simple task for many insects and creatures. They can get comfortable, breed, and create disaster without you even knowing it. There might have to be obvious damage for you to notice critters are around. In addition, creepy crawlers often bring about illness.... Read More

two house mice sitting in a tree

How To Keep Mice Out of Your Pensacola, FL Home


Pests can really make your home life in Pensacola a nightmare. Few species can reasonably be called innocent. Most are very destructive, with both buildings and belongings. They also present a bevy of health concerns, as they can scratch, bite, or sting people. Moreover, they often are covered with illness-causing germs. ... Read More

up close image of a curled up copperhead snake on the ground

A Handy Guide To Effective Snake Control For Pensacola, FL Properties


Snakes sometimes frighten people more than any other pest. They are masters of the “sneak attack;” they can camouflage themselves and creep up to you slowly. You likely won’t see them coming. In the blink of an eye, they might charge at and bite you. Since they have sharp fangs and are potentially venomous, the outcomes can be bleak.   ... Read More

a clean kitchen to prevent pests coming in to a home

How To Keep Dangerous Pests Away From Your Pensacola, FL Property


If you’re a new home or business owner, you might just be discovering how tough it is to keep out the wide array of pests that can invade your Pensacola property. From roaches to rodents to the notorious Florida mosquito, pests are constantly trying to infest your home, your yard, and even your bed (we’re talking about you, bed bugs). ... Read More

a flea jumping on human skin

The Secret To Keeping Fleas & Ticks Away From Your Pensacola, FL Yard


Here in Pensacola, FL, flea and tick season is just about all year long. Sure, we might get a break during the coldest weeks of winter, but that break usually is over pretty quickly. That means we all need to be vigilant for nine or ten months out of the year. Fleas and ticks aren’t just a problem for pet owners – they can infest anybody.... Read More

a mouse on a woodpile outside of a pensacola home

The Dangers Mice Bring To Pensacola Homes


Do you have anyone in your life that depends on you like a child or a pet? When it comes to wild mice, their dependency on humans is nothing but problematic. Here in the Pensacola area, one species of mice is causing a fair amount of trouble for homeowners. They are called house mice, and if you are not careful, they will find their way into your home.... Read More

a black legged deer tick on a leaf in pensacola

What To Do If You Find A Pensacola Tick On You


Have you ever found a tick on your body? It is an unpleasant experience, to say the least, especially when you attempt to remove it. What is even more unpleasant is removing them wrong and having their head lodged beneath your skin. The question is, are bites from these pests dangerous and what should you do to safely remove them from your skin? To help you know what to do about ticks around your Pensacola property, here is some information yo... Read More

an ant crawling on a mobile house plant

All The Ways You Attract Ants To Your Mobile Home


Sometimes in life, there comes a time when we have to admit our own mistakes. This becomes more difficult when we don’t know we are making mistakes in the first place. One way many homeowners fail unintentionally is with pests.  Here are some other ways you attract ants to your Mobile home and some practical ways to keep these pests away.... Read More

an american cockrach crawlon on food in a pensacola kitchen

How To Get Rid Of American Cockroaches On Your Pensacola Property


The bigger a cockroach is, the more problems it causes around homes, right? Actually, this is not always the case. But if it was, the American cockroach would be the most problematic. If you have never seen one of these pests, they are pretty big. If you are not fond of cockroaches in the first place, you do not want to find an American roach skittering around inside your Pensacola home! ... Read More

a black rat snake curled up on a rock in a mobile yard

Four Easy Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Mobile Lawn


Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes. If you have ever leaped into the air, screamed, or run away when coming face to face with one of these yard slitherers, you might have this fear. If you do, it’s ok. Being afraid of snakes is logical. To make you feel more comfortable enjoying your time outside, learn four easy ways to try to keep snakes off your property and when to call a professional for help.... Read More

ants on a sandwich in a mobile home

Eight Easy & Effective Pest-Prevention Tips For Your Mobile Property


At what point does home stop feeling like home? Is it when ants start trailing through the kitchen? What about when a bathroom is avoided because of the number of cockroach encounters people have had in it?  Wherever your line is when it comes to pests, we are here to help. To keep unwanted pest invaders out of your Mobile home, learn eight easy and effective prevention tips to try.... Read More

bed bugs in mobile alabama residents arm hair

What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Mobile Home


As kids, going to bed was a chore. It was a luxury to stay up late playing video games, watching TV, talking with our friends, or reading a book. Now as adults, we have come to appreciate a good night's sleep and sticking to a strict bedtime. This is good, seeing that sleep is the most important thing for our health. Anything that disturbs it should be removed immediately. Bed bugs are invading homes here in Mobile and interrupting valuable sl... Read More

a copperheard snake coiled up in a pensacola yard

Are The Snakes In Pensacola Dangerous?


Unless you grew up in upper Canada, Antarctica, Greenland, or northern Asia, chances are you have encountered a snake in your lifetime. Do you remember your first encounter with these slithering pests? Was it scary or did you observe it with child-like curiosity?  Regardless of how you feel about snakes, it stands to reason that you should avoid the ones that are dangerous. Identify which snakes are dangerous here in Pensacola.... Read More

a pensacola puppy scratching summer fleas

All The Ways Fleas Can Get Into Pensacola Homes


It’s probably a good thing fleas don’t have mouths large enough to get hairs stuck inside.  If you have never heard of fleas or considered the problems they cause to people and animals, we have some things you should know for your Pensacola home and some simple strategies you can use to try to keep them out.... Read More

an ant crawling through a mobile home

How To Quickly Get Ants Off Of Your Mobile Property


Do you regularly have trouble with ants crawling through your Mobile home? Are you staring at some of them right now? If so, you are probably thinking, “How can I get them out fast?” We are here to help you with this. Here are some things you should know about area ants along with one guaranteed solution to get them out of your home ASAP.... Read More

termites tunneling in wood in a mobile home

Are Termites In My Mobile Home Harmful To My Health?


It is common knowledge that termites are destructive pests. The question is, beyond doing damage to homes, do termites cause any more problems? Are they harmful to humans as well? We have your answer here. This is what you should know about termites and how to keep them away from your Mobile home.... Read More

a mosquito in a pensacola garden

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Pensacola Lawns?


Being bitten by a mosquito does not hurt, or at least the pain is minimal. For this reason, many people do not consider these pests threats. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Mosquitoes pose a very real threat to people in the diseases they carry and spread. To help you avoid these dangerous insects, we have a few things you should know, including what attracts mosquitoes and what you should do to keep them away.... Read More

a norway rat crawling inside of a mobile home

How Dangerous Are Rats In Mobile?


What would you rather find inside your home, a rat or a mouse? Most people would probably choose a mouse. Why? Because they might assume that mice pose less of a threat due to their smaller size and objectively cuter appearance. We are here today to discuss the true dangers of rats and decide once and for all which type of rodent is more problematic. This is what you need to know.... Read More

a german cockroach in a kitchen

The Dangers Of The German Cockroach In Mobile, AL


People tend to think of cockroaches as pests that only infest dirty homes or properties. But they are far more widespread than this, frequently infesting local homes and businesses. Only by actively working to prevent an invasion by cockroaches can you hope to keep these common pests off your property.... Read More

a flea on human skin

The Dangers Of Fleas In Your Pensacola Home


Being outdoors can be the perfect release from stress. You can take in a big breath of fresh air and scope out serene sights, like a beautiful park. The issue you may run into though are lurking pests. ... Read More

a dog tick crawling on human skin

Quick Guide To Tick Bites For Mobile, Alabama Residents


Some of the most dangerous pests on earth are those that drink the blood from humans and animals. These kinds of critters go from host to host typically, which increases the likelihood of diseases being transmitted. It’s hard to avoid or detect them. First, they’re usually very small. Second, they’re rampant outdoors. Third, they can crawl onto your skin and bite you without being noticed. Red and itchy bumps, inflammation, a... Read More

the anatomy of a termite worker

How To Protect Your Pensacola Home From Pests Year-Round


Pensacola homeowners have a plethora of responsibilities. Things that don’t seem urgent, dire, or necessary will get shoved to the bottom of their “to-do” lists. Unfortunately, pest management sometimes is one of them. Many presume that it’s not important unless there are insects and creatures running wild on the property. This is surely a false statement.... Read More

an oriential cockroach in a kitchen

Four Easy Tricks To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Pensacola Home


For multiple reasons, most people hate cockroaches with a fiery, burning passion. For starters, they look absolutely disgusting. They aren’t easy on the eyes at all. Secondly, they are persistent insects that are tough to kill for the long-haul. Getting indoors is simple for them and they procreate with speed. Thirdly, they can make you ill with all the germs they carry. ... Read More

pharaoh ant infestation in a kitchen

Why Ants Come Into Mobile Homes


When trying to defeat pests, the first thing you should figure out is how and why they are getting indoors. This won’t be an easy task, and the answer isn’t always obvious. Part of the reason why it’s so difficult to ascertain is that many creepy crawlers are very small. Further, they often hide in areas that are challenging to get to. If you can’t reach or see them, you won’t be able to assess their activities. P... Read More

a mouse on a jar

The Problem With Rodents Around Your Pensacola Home


 It’s not often, but some insects and creatures are considered “cute” by Pensacola residents. It could be a pest’s bright colors or zany patterns that make them appear adorable and innocent. In many cases, it’s button noses, teeny ears, and beady eyes that do it. Whiskers and amusing movements don’t hurt. The reality is the majority of creepy crawlers are very dangerous. Rodents are a perfect example.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on bedroom furniture

How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My Mobile Home?


Living spaces require a lot of upkeep, whether it’s a mobile home, apartment, or house. You have to make sure that the structure is intact and that the fixtures are working properly. The bills for electricity, water, and utilities have to be paid in full and on time. Grocery lists have to be completed. Rooms have to be cleaned well and routinely. All of this is before managing everyone’s individual schedules. Mobile homeowners have... Read More

a termite crawling on a counter

How To Tell If Your Pensacola Property Has A Termite Problem


Seeing shouldn’t always dictate believing; especially with pests. Not noticing any insects and creatures around your Pensacola property isn’t cause to be nonchalant about suitable critter management. If they’re able to reproduce in volume, you might be facing a disaster. Some species can completely ruin buildings or belongings, others primarily make people ill and several do both. Termites have a big reputation for most of th... Read More

a german cockroach crawling in a basement

The Dangers Cockroaches Pose To Your Mobile, AL Home


Cockroaches are good at one thing: surviving. These insects have been around since the dawn of time, and they live in almost every environment on earth, including Mobile, Alabama. Indeed, cockroaches have some really unique survival skills. That’s why a reputable pest control service is your best bet if you develop a cockroach infestation.... Read More

a cluster of ants invading a home

A Guide To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Pensacola Home


The Florida panhandle is filled with beautiful beaches and other outdoor wonders. Pensacola is no exception. Homeowners in this area are lucky to have such great, sunny weather. But owning a home comes with its downsides. Today we are talking about home-invading ants. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to keeping your home ant-free.... Read More


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