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a copperheard snake coiled up in a pensacola yard

Are The Snakes In Pensacola Dangerous?


Unless you grew up in upper Canada, Antarctica, Greenland, or northern Asia, chances are you have encountered a snake in your lifetime. Do you remember your first encounter with these slithering pests? Was it scary or did you observe it with child-like curiosity?  Regardless of how you feel about snakes, it stands to reason that you should avoid the ones that are dangerous. Identify which snakes are dangerous here in Pensacola.... Read More

a norway rat crawling inside of a mobile home

How Dangerous Are Rats In Mobile?


What would you rather find inside your home, a rat or a mouse? Most people would probably choose a mouse. Why? Because they might assume that mice pose less of a threat due to their smaller size and objectively cuter appearance. We are here today to discuss the true dangers of rats and decide once and for all which type of rodent is more problematic. This is what you need to know.... Read More


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