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Top 5 Backyard Bugs That Could Ruin Your Fun In Florida This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means more time outside with friends and family members. Summer is also a time of increased pest activity; bugs like fire ants and termites can turn even the best day into one that you might want to forget. What are the top five bugs to watch out for this year? Read on for more information on Florida’s most notorious pests. Mosquito

Fire Ants

Fire ants are more common in Florida than you would think. Typically, they don’t interact with humans at all. However, if they are worried that their nest is in jeopardy, they swarm and attack the perceived threat. Their bites hurt and are often itchy; you may be dealing with the effects of the bites for several days. If you see a fire ant mound, it is best to stay away. For best results, call in a pest control company to deal with the eradication of these colonies.


No one wants to see termites or termite damage at their property. Formosan termites are a relatively new threat; they came from Asia to Florida about thirty years ago, and they can have a negative impact on the structure of a home. It does not take long for them to make their mark, and they’ve earned the nickname “super termites” for good reason; their destructive tendencies are legendary. Do not allow a termite infestation to take hold at your property!


Mosquitoes are a nuisance. It’s hard to spend quality time outdoors if there are mosquitoes around. Unfortunately, because of the presence of water, Florida has a problem with these pests. They can be hard to get rid of on your own, so if you need assistance, get in touch with EnSec Pest & Lawn. Mosquito breeding grounds can be difficult to find, but these professionals know what they are doing and can help control the numbers around your property.

Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bugs are dirty, ugly creatures that often give humans a scare because of their size. While they aren’t necessarily harmful, you do not want to let an infestation continue without intervention simply for sanitary reasons. Contrary to popular belief, palmetto bugs are, in fact, cockroaches. Do not allow them to linger inside or outside of your home.

Stinging Pests

Bees and wasps play a valuable role in our ecosystem, but they can become a nuisance because they sting. If you notice them on your property, or you hear them buzzing, look around for nests. The nests could be in a tree or nestled in wood; also, beware of carpenter bees, which can damage the structure of your property!

Florida has a lot of bugs to keep an eye on! These five are a particular nuisance, but it is important to keep a close watch on your property so that small problems don’t develop into big issues. With a bit of vigilance, you can keep pest problems to a minimum this year!

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