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What To Do If You Find A Roach In Your Home

Cockroaches don’t move around a lot during the day. Therefore, it is possible to have an infestation and not realize it until the numbers start to become overwhelming. Because these pests like water, you’ll often see them in bathrooms or the kitchen, but they also congregate around appliances in general. If you spot a cockroach in your house, it is best to take steps to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible. They are unsightly and have the potential to carry disease. The following steps are important to take as you start the process of eradicating them.Roaches

Take Away Their Food

As with other living creatures, roaches need food to survive. Start the process of getting rid of these pests by cleaning your kitchen. In particular, focus on the areas that you might overlook normally. Your appliances are important; clean all around them, make sure to remove grease and get rid of any spills. Go into your cabinets and remove all the plates and glasses. Wipe down these areas, making sure that there aren’t any bits of food or sticky spots remaining. Check your trash can and make sure it doesn’t need to be cleaned as well.

Don’t allow family members to take food throughout the house. Instead, keep it all in the kitchen so that it is easier for you to clean. Never let dishes sit out overnight and always make sure to sweep and throw away trash before you go to bed. Make sure your garbage has a tight fitting lid, and if you have pets, don’t let their food sit out for long periods of time. Wipe down the counters as well. Because cockroaches are nocturnal, failing to take these steps could encourage the pests to flourish in your home.


Cockroaches like to hide during the day. If you have a lot of clutter in your house, it makes it easier for these pests to get around undetected. Throw out anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Don’t store newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes in your home. Roaches love these items and use them to nest, so by having them in your living space, you are giving bugs an excuse to reproduce on your property.

Take Away Their Water

Cockroaches love water as much as they love food. If there are areas of standing water, you are much more likely to have roaches hanging around. Make sure you don’t leave dishes soaking in your sink overnight. Check under sinks regularly for leaks. If you suspect a problem, call a licensed plumber out right away to address the issue.

Spotting a cockroach scuttling across your floor is a sight that can send anyone into a panic. Cockroaches have a reputation for being difficult to get rid of, and while it can be hard to manage an infestation, it is not impossible. By taking the right steps to address a problem, you can cut back significantly on the number of cockroaches that you see. However, if you continue to deal with pests on a regular basis, reach out to EnSec Pest & Lawn for help.

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