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What To Do To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

Bed bugs are prolific breeders, and they are able to easily travel from one location to the next. Because of this, they are quite difficult to get rid of once an infestation takes hold. Just the thought of having bed bugs in a home is enough to cause many people to have trouble sleeping at night. If you want to keep bed bugs away, there are a few steps that you can take to hopefully avoid this problem altogether.Bed Bugs

Get Them Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs like to hide. Not only does keeping your room neat and tidy make it less attractive to these little pests, but an organized space also makes it more difficult for bed bugs to escape detection.

As their name implies, bed bugs normally bite while you are sleeping, which means that your mattress may be host to quite a few of these tiny invaders. Putting on a cover will help keep the situation under control and allow you to sleep better. However, make sure to purchase one that was specifically created to help manage bed bugs. Other mattress covers may not be as durable or well-made, and you do not want the bed bugs to get through the barrier.

Always Give Used Furniture A Second Look

There are great deals to be had on used furniture, but one problem is that you never know where the items are coming from. One common way that people get a bed bug infestation is from bringing secondhand furniture into their home. Therefore, always carefully inspect anything you are considering purchasing. Even if you think it passes the test, do not bring it in your home right away. Make sure you clean it first and look over it again before you move it into your living space.

Check Your Hotel

Another common way for bed bugs to make their way into your home is from a hotel room. Always inspect your mattress upon arrival. Look at the furniture as well. If you notice anything that concerns you, request a room change and specify what you are worried about. Always leave your suitcase in the hallway until you are certain that you will be spending the night in a room. Just bringing in your belongings gives bed bugs something to latch on to, and before you know it, you have a problem brewing.

Wash Your Clothing

If you believe you were in an area that had bed bugs, put your clothes into your washing machine as soon as you get home. You want to use as much heat as you can without damaging the items. High heat can kill bed bugs, so a round through the washer and dryer should do the trick.

Even if you are extremely careful, bed bugs may still find their way into your home. If you are concerned, contact EnSec Pest & Lawn right away. They can help you manage the situation appropriately so that it doesn’t get worse.

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