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As a suburb of Panama City, Callaway, FL, is one of the largest counties in the Florida panhandle. This area of Florida attracts much attention from commuters, vacationers, and snowbirds alike, as warm weather and white sand beaches create a celebratory atmosphere for all property owners. According to recent statistics, more than 15,000 people live, work, and play near Callaway’s city borders. Given enough time, it is projected to grow exponentially (more than twice its size).

The growth of the Callaway area is not just relegated to human activity. In fact, pest species are some of the fastest-growing residents of Callaway city. Home and business owners all over the area are noticing upticks in rodent activity, spider infestations, and mosquito attacks. Warm winters and seasonal humidity levels allow some of the city’s worst offenders to be active year-round.

That is one of the many reasons EnSec is a proud provider of pest control for Callaway homeowners and beyond. Focusing our attention on residential pest control alone makes the pest management experience simple, fun, and highly cost-effective. Interested to see how we could impact your local property? Call, click, or complete our online contact form to connect with a professional in Callaway. We’re standing by with a complimentary home inspection at a time convenient to you. 

Home Pest Control In Callaway, FL

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Homeowners deserve to feel safe while living in their Callaway homes. When insects, mammals, or wildlife species move in, the situation could become very dire indeed. 

Residential pest control is by far the most important aspect of home maintenance in the Callaway area. Since 1997, our family-owned and operated team has been continuously forging a path toward a pest-free city.

To accomplish our lofty goals, EnSec has employed several residential pest control innovations: 

  • The use of integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for the mitigation of cultural attractant factors.
  • Minimal product use to protect people, pets, and properties from unnecessary contamination. We want to keep your loved ones safe!
  • Free inspections for homeowners needing full inspections and entry point examinations, as well as a powerful pest-free guarantee. 

Residential pest control through EnSec is one of the best options for homeowners in Callaway. If you’re looking to hire an agency with expertise, professionalism, and lasting results, EnSec is the right pest management company for you. Learn more about our unique pest control services by submitting an online estimate request. 

Why Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bed Bug Control In Callaway Doesn't Work

Bed bugs are becoming a persistent offender of the Callaway area. Although these pests were almost exterminated in the 1950s, banning certain chemicals and eradicating management measures has spiked their numbers almost uncontrollably. Today, the number of bed bugs in Callaway outnumbers humans by 3 to 1. 

Although the internet may tell you otherwise, DIY bed bug control in Callaway does not necessarily work. In fact, it could even make your situation worse. Many vectors are immune to expensive over-the-counter (OTC) products. These concentrated chemicals could contaminate your home and surfaces, affecting the health and wellness of your family. What’s more, bed bugs can lay up to 300 eggs in their lifetime. This frequent rate of reproduction, coupled with product immunity, means DIY control is no longer a viable option for bed bug control. 

To truly protect your home from bed bugs and their ill effects, contact the team at EnSec right away. We will dispatch a representative to your location as soon as possible. 

What Is Causing All These Mosquitoes In Callaway?

Nobody likes dealing with a mosquito infestation. Here in Callaway, there seems to be a cloud of these pests almost everywhere you turn. 

What exactly is causing this huge mosquito boom in our area? There are a few causal factors to consider: 

  • High levels of annual rainfall
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Large humidity percentages
  • Temperate winter seasons
  • Several pools of stagnant water 

Eliminating all mosquito attractant factors is not possible. The best and most actionable method of reducing potential infestations around your Callaway property is to contact the pros at EnSec today and get started on our effective mosquito control services.

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Callaway Ants

Ants are extremely tiny pests that always seem to get inside our homes. If you are concerned about the potential of an ant problem around your Callaway property, follow these helpful prevention steps: 

  • Trim the grass frequently
  • Remove standing water puddles
  • Prune vegetation away from the sides of the home
  • Eliminate food waste or compost piles
  • Caulk and seal potential entry points
  • Store garbage properly 

For more tips and tricks regarding preventing ants around your Callaway home, reach out to EnSec right away. We are standing by to take your call at any time. 


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