Charity Spotlight

ronald mcdonald1One of our corporate objectives is to "Support Charitable Organizations".  We take this seriously and have chosen a few key local charities that we support who meet a number of criteria that we look for in charities. 

We support both the Ronald McDonald House and Shriner's charities in our Alabama and Florida markets.  In addition to these being wonderful charities that do great work in our local communities, these charities have touched the hearts of our partners directly by helping members of our family when we required their services.  In every case these charities were there when we needed them the most.

Below find a brief description of what these and other charities do and how we support them:

The Ronald McDonald House Charity provides families with children who require care from the NICU or PICU facilities at local hospitals with a safe place to stay that really feels like home.  Each facility is located in close proximity to the hospital and provides comfort and support to these families and does so at no cost unless they are able to make a nominal room donation.

We support the Ronald McDonald House in Alabama and North West Florida by providing, and serving, a meal to the house residents once a month.  While serving we are able to get to know these residents a bit and hopefully help to take away some of the stress and cost associated with preparing a meal for their family.  From cooking, to serving, to clean up we have it covered.  We are also involved in various fund raising events that this charity organizes.  Most recently, we participated in the Rubber Ducky Regatta in Mobile and it was a great time. 

shriners logoWe have hosted events and work with  the Shriner's in our service areas.  Both The ABBA Shrine (Mobile) and The Hadji Shrine(Pensacola) are supported by our company.  Years ago, we became part of a group that supports the local Shrine's called Friends of Shriner's.  This group is made up of a number of local businesses that pool our resources to help host fund raising events that benefit this group.  Our proceeds go to the transportation fund that is truly a local expense which is geared towards transporting local residents to a variety of hospitals around the nation.  The Shriner Hospitals are considered to be the leading facilities as it relates to patients requiring burn care and for providing prosthetic devices.  We help sponsor at least one major fund raising event each year.

Alabama Baptist Childrens HomesWe support the Alabama Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries in Mobile.  This charity provides homes for children, professional counseling, educational services and family assistance.  Hope and wholeness for children and families through knowing God is the goal.  Along with Air Of Excellence, we are hosting a new event in the Mobile area this November called Trees for Hope where all proceeds will go to this wonderful group. 

MckNemie Place

We regularly work with McKemie Place in Mobile which is the only Homeless Women's Shelter in the city.  We provide in kind services and recently were able to solicit the help of P.E.S.T Relief International to provide mattress Encasement's for their facility.  We installed the mattress covers and had an ice cream social to celebrate the event.  Check out the video.

We also support the following:
Bras For A Cause
Mobile Business Groups Victory Health Fundraiser
Halfway Home Christian Residence
Christmas at the Clinic
To get information on any events that we are a part of check out our Facebook page.  To support these charities directly click on the links below.

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