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Lush green lawn around a perfectly landscaped homeA beautiful, healthy lawn can be a source of pleasure to you, and it also speaks volumes about you to everyone who sees it. Having a great lawn, however, requires far more effort than mowing and watering. It requires eliminating the pests that want to destroy everything you have planted, preventing unsightly weeds from spreading and fertilizing at just the right time.

A professional lawn care service can make it easier for you to have the lawn you have always wanted.

  • No two lawns are identical. Lawn care professionals know how to evaluate the soil, drainage and plants of each lawn to determine the right products and methods to achieve the best results
  • A lawn care company will bring all of the equipment and tools needed for the job, including some that are highly specialized or costly. This saves you the expense of purchasing these items as well as the problem of storing them.
  • Applying certain treatments at the wrong time of year can make a problem worse. Professionals know how to time treatments to obtain the desired results.

Whether you own a home or a commercial property, Ensec Pest & Lawn can help you have the lawn of your dreams. Our professional services give you time to relax while we do all the work. We offer an extensive list of lawn care services, including aeration, sod and plugs, tree and shrub care and weed control.


Plant roots need oxygen to grow. If the roots cannot get the oxygen they need, growth will be stunted. Aeration is a process by which a machine is used to remove small cores of thatch and soil to introduce additional oxygen pockets where they are needed. The additional oxygen encourages plant growth, spreading and stronger, healthier plants. Having your lawn aerated annually can help develop the lush, dense grass that can be difficult to attain without professional help. The aeration procedure can be performed at any time during the growing season.
Sod and Plugs

In almost every circumstance, new construction will leave a surrounding area of bare dirt. It is also possible for a lawn to be damaged so extensively that there is little growing in the soil besides weeds. The fastest way to transform bare dirt into a luxurious lawn is through sod. Sod is live, growing grass that is placed on top of the prepared soil. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply herbicide before placing the sod. Plugs are similar to sod, but they are more suitable for small patches, such as an area damaged by pets. Both sod and plugs can be installed at any time during the grass's growing season. However, although sod is normally available year-round, the availability of plugs varies.

Tree and Shrub Care

Like your grass, your trees and shrubs need help to be their healthiest and most attractive. Regardless of the specimens you select, there will be insects, fungi and bacteria that find them irresistible. It is not uncommon to find three different pests or diseases attacking three individual trees or shrubs in the same yard. Knowing how to identify problems and which treatments are effective for each problem is necessary to protect your trees and shrubs. In addition to combating pests and diseases, your shrubs and trees need to be fertilized at the correct time of year to ensure healthy growth and maximum visual appeal. A tree and shrub program can help you make sure that your investment in landscaping will provide you with the best return.

Weed Control

By definition, a weed is a type of plant that is growing where it is not wanted and therefore has no value in the setting. The definition also states that weeds reproduce aggressively, adapt easily to changes in their environment and can quickly dominate all other plant life. Weeds compete with your grass for resources, and they can soon take over your lawn by stealing the nutrients and space needed by your grass. There are many different species of weeds that can invade your lawn, and no single herbicide will be effective against every species. Furthermore, you want to eliminate the weeds without killing your grass or damaging your shrubs or trees. With a professional weed-control program, you can rest easy, knowing the proper products will be used to control your weed problem without damaging the desirable growth.

If you would like to discuss these or any other lawn care service, contact Ensec today. We have more than 15 years of industry experience and are a family owned company with a commitment to providing quality service at affordable prices.

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