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Dauphin Island is a small island off the coast of Southern Alabama, known for its long western beachfront and iconic eastern landmark, Fort Gaines. Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast ought to know that pests are abundant, which is why it pays to be prepared for an infestation long before one hits your property. Learn more about how EnSec can protect your Dauphin Island property.

Home Pest Control In Dauphin Island, AL

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Our homes are supposed to be safe havens, but pests can sneak inside and pose major problems. That’s why it pays to be prepared, not waiting around for an infestation to become obvious before you take steps to protect your home. Here’s how EnSec can help you with pest control:

  • Free Inspection: The first step in solving a problem is figuring out where it is and how big it’s grown. Our thorough inspections of your home will check for existing pests, as well as the factors that attract them.
  • Treatment: Our safe and effective exterior treatments will eliminate pest populations and shield your property from them in the future.
  • Follow-Up: Even after we’ve treated your property, we’ll still check back and make sure that the problem’s really gone

Four Mosquito Prevention Tips For Dauphin Island Homeowners

Moist, coastal climates are magnets for parasites like mosquitoes, which thrive in the Deep South. Not only are these biting pests annoying, but they can also be dangerous to your health. The diseases they’re known to spread are no laughing matter, which is why it’s better to take steps to protect your yard from mosquitoes before they have a chance to bite you. Here are some of the best prevention tips for Dauphin Island property owners:

  1. Landscaping: Mosquitoes require ample landing grounds to rest on until food sources wander by. That means overgrown lawns are more attractive to them. 
  2. Moisture: Mosquitoes are also attracted to yards with standing water, which they require to lay their egg clusters. Removing water sources as much as possible will help prevent infestations.
  3. Inspections: The only way to make sure all these factors are being addressed properly is with assistance from experts. Contact EnSec today to schedule an inspection.
  4. Treatments: The only form of true, overall protection from mosquitoes comes from professional treatments applied around your yard. Learn more by contacting EnSec today.

How To Eliminate Cockroaches On Your Property In Dauphin Island

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest pests around. Not only are they disease carriers, but they are also incredibly hard to get rid of once they move in. That’s why it’s important to contact the experts right away, whether you notice a full-blown infestation or merely signs of pest activity. At EnSec, we protect local homes from cockroaches and other common invaders. Professional assistance is necessary because cockroaches can’t be killed with typical methods. They can survive being stepped on and have even developed resistance to common pesticides. Our thorough treatments help with the following:

  • Identification: Before you can eliminate a pest, you have to know what species it is. Experts can separate one kind of roach from another, ensuring proper elimination methods are used.
  • Location: The next thing that experts can help with is thoroughly rooting out where cockroaches are coming from. It’s not just the ones crawling around you have to address, after all -- you need to locate their nesting grounds to eliminate pest eggs.
  • Treatment: Once all these factors have been determined, we can form a pest control plan that works.
  • Ongoing Service: Unfortunately, pest control isn’t something you can do once and simply forget about. Proper protection requires ongoing attention and treatments. At EnSec, we worry about the planning so you don’t have to.

Four Serious Illnesses Carried By Rodents In Dauphin Island

The real dangers of a pest infestation aren’t in the damage or fear they cause. Instead, the real cost of a pest problem is in the health problems they bring in with them. When it comes to rodents, the risks can be serious. Here are some of the diseases known to be carried by rodents in Dauphin Island:

  1. Plague: The disease that nearly wiped out the population of Europe in the Middle Ages came from rats, either directly or via the fleas they carried. While this is a lot more treatable than it was centuries ago, it’s still not a pleasant condition to have.
  2. Hantavirus: Accompanied by flu-like symptoms and a range of other side effects that vary case-by-case, this is a disease most closely associated with rodents.
  3. Salmonella: This is a disease that many pests are known to spread, mostly because it's a bacteria that’s found in feces. It’s common because it’s highly contagious, so a salmonella outbreak can be bad news.
  4. Rat-Bite Fever: You know it’s commonly carried by a certain kind of pest when it’s right there in the name. As you probably guessed, this illness is often transmitted through a rodent bite, but it can also be spread through contact with rodent droppings.

To ensure rodents never spread these diseases on your property contact EnSec today to learn more about our rodent prevention and elimination services.


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