Ensec’s Healthy Landscape Solution

Papa TurfThe second of Ensec’s two main outdoor service lines is our Healthy Landscape Program. This service is designed to deliver a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful landscape. This is accomplished by providing the fertilization, insect control, and disease control that is required to keep our customer’s plants thriving. The key components of the program are as follows:

Fertility - Increases fruit and flowering potential of the plant, delivers healthy new growth, strengthens the roots and improves overall health and vigor.

Insect Control - Our service helps control insects that feed by sucking, chewing, and mining plant components. If left unchecked insects can badly damage the landscape.

Disease Control - Disease pressure is very common in our service area. Conditions are prevalent for disease during the entire growing season so our program is designed to stop active disease and help prevent future outbreaks.

The Healthy Landscape Program consists of seven treatments annually and is guaranteed to help protect and enhance our customers landscape investment. Our technicians are trained to leave you recommendations and feedback with each treatment to make sure that your trees and shrubs receive the best care possible.

Rest assured that all of our outdoor service lines are tested and approved by Papa Turf himself so you know you will get the results that your property needs.

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