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Foley is a welcoming city in Baldwin County, just ten miles north of the Gulf Coast. To protect your Foley home from the wide range of pests that live in our area, the professionals at EnSec have developed high-quality pest control solutions. With our experienced pest management professionals on the job, you can rest easy knowing that your home will remain free of pests throughout every season. EnSec also provides a variety of lawn care and landscape options in addition to our pest control services. Contact us today to learn more about all of the effective services we have to offer.

Home Pest Control In Foley, AL

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When you own a home, you shouldn’t have to share it with pests. Not only are pests annoying, but they can also cause damage to your Foley property and pose significant health risks for your family.

To prevent pests from invading your home and putting your family in harm’s way, you need ongoing pest control services from EnSec. At EnSec, we offer superior protection against pests by utilizing effective prevention methods that provide long-lasting results.

Termites, ants, spiders, and rodents don’t stand a chance against our skilled pest professionals. If you’re looking for a way to eliminate current pest problems and prevent new ones from occurring, look no further than EnSec.

Reach out to us today to find out how we keep Foley homes pest-free all year long.

Lawn Care Services In Foley, AL

Owning a healthy, robust lawn is something many homeowners strive for. Not only does a healthy lawn look beautiful, but it also improves the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, many Foley homeowners don’t have enough time to manage a perfect lawn, which is why the professionals here at EnSec are ready to handle all of your lawn care needs. We rely on effective services and management solutions to give your Foley lawn the quality care it needs to thrive. And, because we understand that lawn care requires several different services, we’ve designed our Healthy Lawn Program to include eight annual applications that consist of:

  • Fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Turf-damaging insect control
  • Soil amendments
  • Fungicide applications

At EnSec, we have what it takes to implement high-quality services to keep your Foley lawn healthy and beautiful. Don’t wait, get in touch with our skilled technicians today to get started!

Can Bed Bug Infestations Be Prevented In Foley, AL?

Bed bugs are common insect pests that feed on the blood of humans and animals, though they prefer human blood. Although bed bugs pose no significant health risks, they are a major problem when they get into your Foley home. One of the most interesting things about bed bugs is their mode of travel. They have no wings and can’t jump, so how do they get around? Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, which means they get from one point to another by riding on the bags and belongings of unknowing people. And once they enter a property, they’re capable of multiplying and spreading without detection. To avoid bringing these tiny, blood-feeding pests into your Foley home, keep the following bed bug prevention tips in mind:

  • Vacuum your carpets, floors, and upholstered furniture regularly.
  • Avoid setting down your belongings on floors in public areas, such as schools, airports, and libraries.
  • Wash all your bags and belongings on the highest heat setting after returning home from a trip.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of bed bug activity, such as bloodstains, spots of excrement, bed bug eggs, and an unpleasant odor that grows stronger with time.
  • Store your clothing in airtight bags when you travel.
  • Avoid staying in hotel or motel rooms that show signs of bed bug activity.

If bed bugs have taken over your Foley home, the professionals at EnSec are ready to help. Our bed bug control options include both conventional bed bug treatments and thermal remediation. Contact us today for more information about how we handle bed bug infestations.

Why You Need Fire Ant Control In Foley, AL

If you’ve lived here in Foley long enough, you’ve probably run into your fair share of fire ant mounds. Though the red imported fire ant is not native to our area, their populations have exploded throughout the southern United States since their introduction in the 1930s. Fire ants are common pests that thrive in our warm, dry environment. They typically live outdoors and build their nests in sunny areas. Unfortunately, fire ants are more than a nuisance. Fire ants are aggressive pests that attack anything they perceive as a threat in large numbers. They sting quickly and repeatedly, leaving behind itchy, swollen welts that can last for days. To protect your Foley property from these painful pests, turn to the experienced technicians here at EnSec. We’re proud to provide high-quality pest control solutions that meet all of your pest management needs. Give EnSec a call today to learn more about our effective fire ant control programs.


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