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Fort Walton Beach presents the perfect mix of city and beach, large enough to accommodate everything you could need in a living space while small enough to allow for a relaxed day at the beach away from the bustle of nearby Destin, Pensacola, and Panama City.

However, many pests also enjoy our hot, humid environment and are always looking for ways to invade our properties. As appealing as the beachfront property is to humans, your home is just as appealing to pests. 

To defend your Fort Walton Beach home against the area’s toughest pests, you need professional pest management services from EnSec. Our goal is to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent new ones from occurring in the future. With more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, you can depend on us for all of your pest control needs. Don’t allow dangerous and destructive pests to invade your Fort Walton Beach property and get in the way of your quality of life. Instead, contact the professionals here at EnSec to receive the ongoing pest control services you deserve.

Home Pest Control In Fort Walton Beach, FL

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Invading pests are more than a minor inconvenience. They’re a threat to the security of your home and the health of your family. Pests are capable of damaging your property, contaminating food items, and spreading dangerous diseases. But with the professionals from EnSec by your side, you can rest easy knowing that the protection of your Fort Walton Beach home is in experienced hands. 

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to providing top-of-the-line pest control services for residents in Fort Walton Beach and throughout Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Don’t wait for rodents, insects, or other pests to invade your home and threaten your family. Instead, turn to the professionals here at EnSec for ongoing residential pest control solutions you can trust.

Here's Why DIY Lawn Care Isn't Effective In Fort Walton Beach, FL

Maintaining a beautiful, green lawn takes a lot more time and effort than most people are willing to admit. While many people simply don’t have the time to keep their backyard looking as healthy as ever, some homeowners opt for DIY lawn care solutions. There are certainly many benefits that come with DIY lawn care, such as saving money and getting exercise. 

However, it’s important to understand that attempting to maintain your lawn without professional help also comes with some downsides. Without access to professional-grade products, you might find yourself with underwhelming results. In addition, many homeowners end up spending more money trying to find the “right” products for their lawn in the long run. Not to mention how time-consuming DIY lawn care can be. 

At EnSec, we have the skill and experience needed to provide your Fort Walton Beach lawn with everything it needs to grow healthier, stronger roots. With our technicians working the job, your lawn will be looking green and beautiful in no time. Reach out to EnSec today for more information about our professional lawn care services.

Tree & Shrub Management: What Fort Walton Beach Residents Need To Know

Owning a beautiful lawn is one thing, but if your lawn is surrounded by unhealthy, overgrown, or dying landscaping, the entire aesthetic of your yard just won’t look appealing. When it comes to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn in all areas, here’s what you should know:

Healthy landscaping doesn’t just make your lawn more appealing to look at, it also promotes a healthier, cleaner environment. Unfortunately, maintaining healthy trees and shrubs requires a lot of time and hard work that many Fort Walton Beach residents simply don’t have. 

To give your trees and shrubs the nutrition and care they need to thrive, implement tree and shrub management services from EnSec. Our Healthy Landscape Program is designed to promote stronger, healthier, and more beautiful landscape growth. Our tree and shrub management services include fertilization treatments, insect control treatments, disease control treatments, and seven annual treatments guaranteed to protect and enhance your landscape. 

If you’re looking for a way to give your landscape what it needs to thrive, look no further than EnSec. Our skilled professionals are ready to provide excellent tree and shrub management services throughout the entire year.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Fort Walton Beach, FL Home

No one wants to discover a termite infestation in their Fort Walton Beach home. These small, destructive insects are capable of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property within a relatively short period of time. Left undetected, even a small termite colony is a threat to the structural integrity of your property. Unfortunately, the high humidity of the beach can easily lead to moisture problems in your home, making it the perfect breeding ground for termites. 

Although there are several prevention tips you can use to avoid attracting termites to your home (such as reducing moisture and removing wooden materials from your lawn), there’s not much you can do if termites have already infested your property. The most effective way to get rid of termites is with professional termite control services from EnSec. We have the experience needed to identify, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations year-round. 

If termites are threatening your Fort Walton Beach property, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at EnSec today. We’re committed to finding the right solution for all of your termite control needs.


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