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Invading pests are more than a simple nuisance. When pests get into your Fort Walton home or business, they have the potential to spread dangerous diseases, contaminate your food, and damage your property. 

Give your Fort Walton property the protection it needs by partnering with the skilled technicians here at EnSec. For over 20 years, we have been committed to providing excellent pest control solutions for homeowners in Fort Walton and the surrounding areas. Reach out to EnSec today for more details about all of the pest control services we have to offer.

Residential Pest Control In Fort Walton, FL

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When pests invade your Fort Walton home, they don’t just threaten your property, they also threaten your health. Pests of all shapes and sizes are capable of invading your home and spreading harmful bacteria that can make you and your family sick. 

The best way to protect your home and family from unwanted pests is with professional pest management from EnSec. Our residential pest control services are designed to eliminate current pest problems and curb future pest activity. Whether you’re looking for general pest control services or treatments to target a specific pest problem, the professionals at EnSec have you covered. 

Don’t wait for dangerous and destructive pests to cause problems in your Fort Walton home. Instead, work with EnSec to put into place an effective residential pest control plan that protects your property throughout the entire year.

Three Reasons Fort Walton, FL Residents Should Choose Pro Lawn Care

Everyone enjoys owning a healthy, thriving lawn filled with lush green grass. Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to maintain a beautiful backyard. Here are the top three reasons why you should choose professional lawn care for all of your lawn care needs:

Professional lawn care saves time. As a homeowner, you’re often busy with work, family, and social obligations, which can make it difficult to find the time needed to maintain a healthy lawn. At EnSec, we take care of your lawn care needs so that you don’t have to.

Professional lawn care doesn’t just make your property more beautiful, it also helps the environment. A healthy lawn leads to fresher air, stronger roots, better soil content, and cleaner water for everyone. Professional lawn care is stress-free. With EnSec on your side, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the added stress of maintaining it. The professionals here at EnSec are proud to provide excellent lawn care services so that you can focus on more important things.

Give your lawn the nutrients and care it needs to thrive by contacting the professionals here at EnSec today. We’re ready to find the right solution for all of your lawn care needs.

How You Can Stop Termites From Destroying Your Fort Walton, FL Home

If there’s one thing termites are good at, it’s damaging properties. These small white insects live in massive underground nests that can contain anywhere from 60,000 to over one million individual termites. 

Although termites are not directly dangerous to humans, they pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your property. Termites eat cellulose, which is found in wooden materials, leaf litter, and dung. Although these small insects are beneficial to the environment by breaking down decaying organic matter, they are nothing but a problem when they invade your Fort Walton home. 

When it comes to avoiding termite damage, it’s important to reduce factors that may attract termites to your property in the first place. Remove sources of excess moisture, seal gaps in your foundation, and reduce areas of direct wood-to-soil contact. Prevention tips are helpful, but the best way to stop termites from destroying your home is with professional termite control services from EnSec. Our skilled technicians have the skills and experience needed to deliver excellent termite control solutions year-round. 

We’re ready to identify and eliminate your termite problems as soon as possible. Contact the professionals at EnSec today to find out more about our excellent termite control options.

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To My Yard In Fort Walton, FL?

Mosquitoes are one of the things about summer that everyone hates. These small, blood-feeding insects pepper your skin with itchy red welts and are capable of ruining outdoor events with their presence. Unfortunately, the problems mosquitoes cause don’t stop at being annoying. Mosquitoes are also known for spreading a variety of dangerous diseases, including malaria, chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. 

When it comes to keeping mosquitoes away from your Fort Walton yard, it’s helpful to know what might be attracting them to your property in the first place. The main thing that attracts mosquitoes is moisture. Mosquitoes require pools of standing water to lay their eggs. 

To prevent mosquitoes from resting, breeding, and laying eggs around your property, eliminate all sources of standing water from your property. At EnSec, we protect people and properties from a variety of pests, including mosquitoes. Get in touch with the professionals here at EnSec today to learn more about our mosquito treatments.


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