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Bed Bug Control

Bedbug 5The small oval-shaped creatures that you have seen around your bed and other furniture are probably bed bugs. These pests like to hide during the day and appear at night when they enjoy tasty meals of human blood. If you have ever awakened to find that you have small red spots on your skin that weren’t there the night before, you may have been chosen by a bed bug. Although the bites may be a little itchy, they are relatively harmless.

You might believe that you couldn’t possibly have bed bugs because your home is spotless, but filth isn’t what attracts these pests. They enter your home by hitching a ride in your purse, on your luggage or in boxes that you bring inside.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are winged insects that also feed on human blood. They search for standing pools of water so that they can lay their eggs, but they will enter the home through the windows and doors if they are given the chance. A mosquito bite is an itchy bite that can be harmless, but mosquitoes can also transmit serious diseases, including West Nile virus, malaria and yellow fever.

Termite Control

Termites are small winged insects that enter the home through doors and windows. If they are subterranean termites that live underneath the house, they will enter through the cracks in the foundation. They are dangerous because they eat wood and weaken the structure of the house, and this could lead to the condemnation of your home.

If you believe that pests are present in your Ft. Walton Beach home or yard, contact us at ENSEC Pest and Lawn for a free quote on our termite control, bed bug control, or general pest control services.

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