Household Pest Control Services

Serving the Panhandle of Florida & the Gulf Coast of Alabama

When it comes to providing pest control to our customers’ homes and landscapes, we recognize that if you have a problem, then we have a problem. Each property is unique and often times the concerns or pest pressure at these homes is unique as well. The EnSec...Pest Control For All Seasons Program is guaranteed to deliver the results that you are looking for to keep your family and home protected. Regardless of the pest problem that you are facing, we are committed to delivering stellar results. Whether you have an issue with common household pests, mice and rats, even stinging insects like wasps or bees, Environmental Security has your back.

Our pest control service starts with a free inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. We then communicate any recommendations or solutions needed to address current, or potential, pest threats. Once on the job, if a serious pest infestation is found we will first provide a clean up treatment.

  • On this visit we will apply a targeted treatment for the pests
  • Focus on eliminating harborage points, areas of entry, and food sources from the home.
  • This service will stop the infestation and set the stage for future preventative treatment visits.
  • We will then apply regularly scheduled services to keep pests from infesting again.

In addition to our Pest Control For all Seasons Program, we offer a Mosquito Management Program, a Bed Bug Heat Treatment Program, Bed Bug Warranties, Wildlife Trapping, and even a Mole Elimination Program. There is no question that we are committed to offering a variety of services that all deliver a healthier and happier environment for our customers. As is the case with all of our services, we back them with one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. Don’t allow any unwanted guests to stay at your property. Call us today at 877-97- EnSec(877-973-6732) or click here for a free estimate, and we will make certain that the only guests you’ll have at your home are the ones you invite.

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