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Grand Bay is a great place to live, close enough to bigger cities like Mobile and Pascagoula to be convenient for shopping, entertainment, and work, but removed enough that you don’t have to deal with the issues that city life brings, like traffic and crowding. But one thing that living away from the big cities can’t help with is pests. Like most people living in southern Alabama, Grand Bay residents deal with pest problems on a daily basis.

At EnSec Pest and Lawn, we have been helping residents of southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle manage their pest problems since 1997. We are a family-run business with deep ties to the area. We take pride in providing the highest quality in pest control with great customer service at a fair price. So if you love living in Grand Bay but hate dealing with pests, call us today and let us help you build a pest control plan to fit your needs. 

Home Pest Control In Grand Bay, AL

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There is nothing better than coming home after a long day, kicking back, and relaxing. But what happens when you are about to enjoy an evening at home, and you see a pest scurry across the floor or fly past you? It could be a roach in your kitchen, ants on your counters, a mouse in your living room, or wasps on your patio. Whatever the pest problem is, it can quickly ruin the peace and quiet you enjoy at home.

Fortunately, EnSec Pest and Lawn has the solution to all your residential pest control problems. If you find yourself with a pest problem in your home, contact us today and we will begin our pest control process with a free inspection. We will identify what pests are in your home, how they are getting in, and where they are living. We will then develop an individualized treatment plan for both the interior and exterior of your home, and provide follow-up visits based on your specific pest pressures, usually on a quarterly basis.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality residential pest control for your Grand Bay home. Our treatments are safe for children and pets, environmentally friendly, and are always guaranteed. Call us today and let us get you back to living pest-free. 

Grand Bay’s Guide To Effective Mosquito Management

Mosquitoes can drive you crazy, forcing you inside on even the nicest of days. Not only can their bites be painful, but they can transmit disease to you and your family. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to help limit mosquitoes around your home.

Mosquitoes need water for their larvae to develop. Limiting standing water around your home can eliminate mosquito breeding areas and keep them away from your property. Some areas where water collects and mosquitoes frequent include:

  • Old tires

  • Kiddie pools

  • Flower pots

  • Bird baths

  • Pool covers

Keeping a close eye on these areas and making sure water doesn’t collect goes a long way in managing mosquitoes. If you are still struggling with mosquitoes, contact us today for our mosquito control services.  We can inspect your property for mosquito breeding areas that you may not be able to see and treat any standing water that you can’t eliminate. We will make sure mosquitoes don’t keep you inside, and help get you back to enjoying your yard with family and friends. 

Five Best Ways To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Grand Bay Property

Ants are a common pest in Grand Bay and throughout Alabama. You’ve probably seen them crawling on your counter or found ant piles in your backyard. While it may feel like they are everywhere and there is nothing you can do about it, there are some steps you can take to eliminate ants on your Grand Bay property.

When it comes to ants, the best way to get rid of ants is to eliminate the reasons they show up in the first place. Here are five ways you can keep ants under control around your home:

  1. Seal cracks in the foundation of your home to keep them from gaining access.

  2. Consider using crushed stone instead of mulch or pine straw in your lawn and garden.

  3. Store ripe fruit in the refrigerator and keep all other food in airtight containers.

  4. Clean up spills quickly and wipe your counters and other surfaces down frequently.

  5. Wash your trash cans regularly.

These steps will help keep ants away, letting you enjoy your home without worrying about ant invaders. 

How To Identify & Stop Cockroaches In Grand Bay

Cockroaches are a pest that no homeowner wants to deal with. They are unsightly, spread disease, and because of their nocturnal nature, they can be very hard to find and eliminate. Even if you don’t think you have a cockroach problem, you should be on the lookout for signs of a cockroach infestation:

  • Smear marks

  • Shed skin

  • Musty odor

  • Droppings

  • Egg sacks

Seeing any of these signs can indicate the presence of roaches in your home. If you see these signs, contact us today. Professional pest control is critical to treating cockroaches, since a majority of them live in hard-to-find areas of your home. We will inspect your home and build a plan to eliminate roaches quickly, so you can live without worrying about cockroaches hiding in the dark. 


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