Gulf Breeze, FL Lawn Care Services

Florida lawnLawn care has changed over the years, and new technological advances have a lot to do with the changes. Professional lawn services can help you take advantage of these new developments without suffering from the costs of purchasing and maintaining new equipment. The lawn program at Ensec is specifically designed to promote healthy lawns for our customers. We provide the equipment and the skilled technicians necessary to create the optimal conditions for a healthy lawn. We can save you time and money while adding value through landscaping on your property.

Ensec Aeration

There are different kinds of aeration used for insect control, and Ensec uses a procedure that involves a special aeration machine. The purpose is to introduce oxygen to the root level of the lawn. The science behind the aeration process is intensive, but it is not necessary to understand the details. Basically, it introduces various elements into the lawn in order to make the soil and roots more resilient. It also allows additional nutrients as well as more oxygen to get into the root layers of the lawn, which produces healthy and colorful grass.

Sod and Plugging

Sod and plugging solutions are available for customers with bare patches of dirt. Sodding is the process of rolling pre-fabricated grass turf over your bare ground, and it creates the look of a well-managed lawn. Plugs are basically patches for tight areas. Ensec has a network of vendors who supply us with high-quality grass products for sod and plugging. This essentially functions as a makeover for your lawn. Although the plugs typically work well on small surface areas, sod is also available all year, and it can cover large areas of bare ground.

Tree and Shrub Program

Ensec offers a healthy tree and shrub program for customers interested in creating a beautiful outdoor landscape. Our service providers use high-quality products to create an area that you can enjoy all year long. The solution involves improving soil fertility, controlling insect populations and preventing diseases. The growing season will produce better trees and shrubs when the area has been prepared in advance by a qualified Ensec specialist.

Ensec Weed Control

Our weed control specialists stay informed of the latest developments on pest control and weed removal. These two services are connected, so it is important to have a thorough evaluation on your lawn before taking action. Weed control is an essential part of any healthy lawn program, and we perform preventative measures before the first weed ever has a chance to appear. Ensec’s weed specialists also tackle broadleaf weeds, and they may perform soil adjustments as necessary. Weeds cannot thrive under certain conditions, so call an Ensec specialist to make sure that your lawn is weed-proof.

Ensec Service Providers

Our professional service providers are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service in this industry. If you have any lawn care needs, you can quickly get an Ensec professional to take care of it for you. We are delighted to inform new customers about our existing services, and we also work with repeat customers to ensure your continued satisfaction. Whether you require weed prevention, or simply want to renovate your back yard, contact a friendly representative from Ensec today.

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