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EnSec Offers Effective Management for Pests in Gulf Breeze

Feeding MosquitoFeeding MosquitoFor residents of the Florida Panhandle, dealing with indoor and outdoor pests can be a real challenge. Mosquitoes, mice, rats and termites are among the most common problems experienced by homeowners in our area. Understanding the life cycles and preferred habitats of these pests can help Gulf Breeze residents reduce their impact on everyday activities.

Mosquito Control

One of the most prevalent pests in the Gulf Coast area, mosquitoes can transmit a number of dangerous diseases, including dengue fever, West Nile virus and certain types of encephalitis. In some cases, eliminating the natural habitats of these biting insects can reduce infestations near your home and yard. Stagnant water and marshy areas offer ideal conditions in which mosquitoes can lay eggs and produce new generations of these pests. Expert intervention by a trained mosquito control professional can break this cycle and provide a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family.

Rodent Control

Rodent infestations can cause serious health problems for Florida residents. Mice and rats can carry Hantavirus; although only one case has ever been diagnosed in Florida, this disease can cause serious pulmonary complications for patients. Rodents can also transmit salmonella and leptospirosis bacteria to humans. Professional rodent control treatments are often required to eliminate rats and mice from Florida homes on a permanent basis.

Termite Control

Although termites pose no direct health threat to humans, they can prove extremely destructive to structures. Florida is home to four termite species, each of which requires specialized pest control measures to ensure the elimination of the entire colony and to prevent any further damage to homes and businesses. Left untreated, termite infestations can cause irreparable damage to buildings and can reduce the value of these Florida properties.

The professionals at EnSec Pest & Lawn can help you manage mosquito infestations, rodent problems and termites quickly and effectively. We specialize in comprehensive pest management for the Gulf Breeze, FL area. By contacting us at the first sign of trouble, you can protect your home and your family against the damaging effects that pests can cause. Call us today for a free quote on our pest, rodent, mosquito, and termite control services.

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