Gulf Shores, AL Lawn Care Services

FlowerWhether you live along the banks of Little Lagoon or north of the Intercoastal Canal, you enjoy the year-round mild climate that makes Gulf Shores such a pleasure to call home. Plenty of rainfall keeps yards green in spite of our sandy soil, but every homeowner can use a little help solving our most common landscaping problems.

The Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

You rightfully take pride in maintaining a beautiful yard, and that's not an easy job here on the Gulf Coast. While mowing and fertilizing should be enough, professional services deliver special care that helps your lawn thrive. You enjoy fewer weekend chores while your home landscape benefits from:

  • Focused seasonal care
  • Disease diagnostics and control
  • Custom lawn analysis
  • Local horticultural knowledge

Keeping the yard looking its best often calls for equipment you don't have in the garage and techniques that are safest in the hands of professionals. In addition to fertilizing, mulching and solving pest problems, expert lawn care includes services that ensure your landscape's health and natural beauty.

Turf Aeration

The layer of thatch between your lawn's root system and grass compacts over time and chokes off vital access to water, oxygen and natural nutrients. Turf aeration punches through this tough blanket with specialized equipment that penetrates thatch, rejuvenates soil and allows root systems to breathe. The precision technique keeps turf in top condition to fend off pests, disease and dry spells.

Sod and Plug Restoration

Left untreated, many lawn problems can result in areas of dead grass that don't respond to traditional re-seeding techniques. Laying down quality sod efficiently restores large, bare spots and reestablishes root systems that take hold and merge with surrounding healthy grass. Sod plugs apply the same restorative effects to small, damaged areas scattered across a yard. Both treatments quickly rehabilitate all grasses including Bermuda and St. Augustine.

Tree and Shrub Care

Live oak, bald cypress and fan palms grace our Gulf Shores homes with welcome shade, but their healthy growth depends on expert seasonal care. Tall trees pose a threat to property during stormy weather, so it's important to have them professionally trimmed once a year. Favorite area shrubs like oleander, holly and juniper maintain their good looks for years with careful, annual pruning and customized fertilizer applications.

Professional Weed Control

Your lawn doesn't need to compete with thistles and dandelions for nutrients and water. These broadleafs can quickly overrun a healthy yard, and solutions from the home improvement store aren't much help. Professional weed control targets and eliminates the problem without harming your lawn. Preemergent treatments stop spring weeds, and postemergent applications ensure tough summer weeds don't spoil your home's landscape.

A beautiful yard is one of your home's biggest assets, and professional attention ensures its good health and long life. We're proud to offer Gulf Shores homeowners more than 15 years of experience as the leading lawn care specialists in Alabama. Contact our Ensec Pest & Lawn teams today, and let us handle hard work.

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