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Located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast and known for its pristine white beaches, is the city of Gulf Shores. Despite the many wonderful reasons why residents enjoy living in our area, Gulf Shores is also home to a wide range of pests. Protect your residential property from pests of all shapes and sizes by implementing professional pest management services from EnSec. With more than 20 years of pest control experience under our belt, we are the right choice for all of your pest control needs. Don’t wait for pests to damage your property or spread dangerous diseases to your family. Instead, reach out to EnSec today for solutions you can trust.

Home Pest Control In Gulf Shores, AL

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As a homeowner, your number one goal is to protect your home and family from harm. However, when dangerous and destructive pests invade your property, they make that goal much more challenging. When it comes to defending your Gulf Shores home and family from pests, you can’t go wrong with a little help from the highly-trained technicians here at EnSec. We are dedicated to protecting your home from all kinds of pests, including cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. Whether you’re looking for an immediate solution for existing pest threats or you want to implement services to prevent new pests from invading, we have you covered. Our goal is to ensure your residential property remains free of pests throughout the entire year. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pest problems, get in touch with the professionals here at EnSec today.

How To Prevent Cockroaches From Getting Into My Kitchen In Gulf Shores

Cockroaches are common pests that thrive in the hot, humid climate Gulf Shores provides. These adaptable pests are always searching for new ways to invade your residential property and gain access to the resources inside. Unfortunately, your kitchen provides the perfect conditions for cockroaches to thrive, including moisture, food sources, and shelter. To avoid attracting cockroaches into your Gulf Shores kitchen, keep the following cockroach prevention tips in mind.

  • Keep your leftovers stored in sealed, airtight containers or the refrigerator.
  • Tighten loose pipes and drains to minimize sources of excess moisture.
  • Clean crumbs out from heavy appliances, such as your stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.
  • Keep your counters clean and free of crumbs and other food residue.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of cockroach activity, such as irregular smear marks on your walls and cockroach droppings (which resemble coffee grounds).
  • Seal gaps in your foundation and exterior walls, especially around areas where utilities enter your home.

If cockroaches manage to invade your Gulf Shores home despite the prevention measures you put in place, then it’s time to contact the professionals here at EnSec. We are committed to delivering excellent pest control solutions that will keep your property pest-free throughout every season. Give us a call today for more information about how we protect Gulf Shores properties from cockroaches.

Which Gulf Shores Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Nothing is enjoyable about spending time in your backyard when mosquitoes are around. These small, annoying pests feed on the blood of humans and animals and thrive in our warm, humid climate. In addition to covering your skin in itchy red welts, mosquitoes are also capable of spreading dangerous diseases that can threaten your health. To reduce the mosquito populations around your Gulf Shores property, try planting some strong-smelling plants that repel mosquitoes.

  • Citronella grass, which is the basis for citronella oils and several commercial mosquito repellents.
  • Catnip, which is reportedly a stronger mosquito repellent than some commercial mosquito repellants.
  • Marigolds, which repel mosquitoes if the marigolds are of the African or French variety.
  • Basil, which not only repels mosquitoes but flies as well.

Although the plants listed above help repel mosquitoes, they aren’t the most effective way to reduce the mosquito populations around your Gulf Shores property. The best way to solve your mosquito problems is with professional mosquito control services from EnSec. Give us a call today to get started on your first treatment.

What Diseases Are Spread By Rodents In Gulf Shores, AL?

Rodents are common household pests best characterized by their long front teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives. Rodent infestations are a major problem for Gulf Shores homeowners. Not only can rodents cause extensive damage to your property, but they also spread many diseases that can make you and your family sick. Some of the diseases rodents spread include plague, leptospirosis, hantavirus, tularemia, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis. Keep destructive and disease-spreading rodents out of your Gulf Shores home by partnering with the skilled technicians here at EnSec. We work quickly to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent new ones from occurring in the future. No matter what type of pest problem you’re facing, you can count on us to provide excellent, long-lasting results. Reach out to us today to learn more about our rodent control options.


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