Gulf Shores Pest Control Services

Bed Bug PictureManaging your environment is an important responsibility. At Ensec Pest & Lawn in Golf Shores, we focus on controlling destructive pests and biting insects with integrated pest management techniques that minimize the use of pesticides and achieve desired results. If you've seen pests in or around your home, let us develop a personalized solution.

Bed Bug Control

These tiny bloodsucking insects can disrupt your life with their incessant biting and sneaky nocturnal lifestyle. Even if you've never seen a bed bug, they can still cause panic and paranoia. Generally, bed bugs enter homes in infected luggage, used furniture and on clothing. At first, you might notice irritating bites or flecks of blood on your bedding. Then, you might see insects that are about the size, shape and color of a flattened apple seed. You will usually find them hiding in the seams of mattresses and other protected areas. Although bed bugs aren't known to transmit diseases, they will make your life miserable. At Ensec Pest & Lawn, we use non-toxic heat treatments to kill adult bed bugs and eggs. In just one hour, we can eliminate bed bugs and restore your peace of mind.

Termite Control

Gulf Shores is a great place to live. The problem is that termites think so too. Our area is a hot spot for subterranean termites and invasive Formosan termites, which are even more destructive than native varieties. Subterranean termites usually enter homes from the ground. Workers build mud tubes along vertical surfaces and use these passages to transport cellulose back to the underground colony. Damaged wood and swarmers that resemble flying ants are red flags. You may also uncover tiny white workers in infected areas. Bait stations and liquid termiticides that are injected in the ground are the most effective methods for beating these wood-destroying pests. Plus, we offer transferable termite warranties that protect your property from future problems.

Ant and Fire Ant Control

Ants are the most common household pests. You might find them wandering around your kitchen or streaming along your driveway. Odorous house ants, pavement ants, Argentine ants and wood-boring carpenter ants are active in homes and outdoor spaces. Most ants are relatively harmless, but others have a dark side. Fire ants are the most aggressive ants found in the United States. Since they first arrived in Mobile, Alabama, during the 1930s, they have become a major problem. Fire ants look like most other ants, but they are extremely territorial. Colonies live in large dirt mounds that you may find anywhere in your yard. If the hill is disturbed, workers will attack in large groups. Each ant will sting repeatedly. This creates concerns, especially if you have children or pets. Potent baits that are carried back to the colony are the most effective way to control fire ants and other species.

Our effective pest control strategies are designed to protect your family and eradicate stubborn infestations. Whatever pest you're dealing with, our experts are equipped to handle the problem. Contact our Alabama office today to request an inspection or to learn more about the services that we offer in Gulf Shores and the surrounding area.

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