Lawn Care Services

Serving the Panhandle of Florida & the Gulf Coast of Alabama

Our Healthy Lawn Program consists of 8 annual applications that consist of:

Papa TurfFertilizer: Applications provide nutrients to promote good lawn color, health and density. A form of fertilizer is used in every standard treatment. The rate and type varies based on the time of year, grass type, and growing condition.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control: Problem summer and winter weeds are controlled with materials called pre-emergents. These products prevent weeds from emerging from the soil.

Broadleaf Weed Control: Broadleaf weeds are controlled with each standard application. There are hundreds of varieties of these weeds. The season and the unique conditions of the property we are treating determine the level of weed
pressure that we encounter. Best results on control are achieved in spring and fall when the weeds are more susceptible to weed control.

Turf Damaging Insect Control: Turf damaging insects are treated when identified by the specialist. Insecticide is part of the standard program during peak insect periods.

Soil Amendments: Lime or Sulpher are applied based on need. We determine these needs based on the results of an annual soil analysis which is part of the standard program. Maintenance rates are applied at no additional charge.

Fungicide Applications: Fungicide is applied on an as needed basis. Blanket, or preventative treatments may carry an additional charge. Our program is designed to deliver the best possible result for the homeowner’s property. The Healthy Lawn Program features the best possible and most effective solutions available.

The features of this program are as follows:

  • Free Lawn Analysis and Estimate
  • Focus on Density - We understand that a thick healthy turf is not only desirable from an aesthetic standpoint, but delivers the best weed control.
      - Weeds do not have a chance if the grass chokes them out. This is our goal
  • Weed Control - We apply treatments to control and eliminate weeds which may invade the lawn year round.
  • Insect Control - We anticipate and treat for turf damaging insects
  • Soil Samples - Drawn annually and the results are communicated to the customer
  • Unlimited Service Calls - If a concern arises between regularly scheduled treatments we will respond at no additional charge to address the concern
  • Maximum Protection Guarantee - The customer will be happy with all of our services. Guaranteed.

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