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Services For All Your Florida Or Alabama Lawn Care Needs

Taking care of your lawn can be a difficult job. If all it required were regular mowing, that would be one thing, but instead, you must deal with watering, weeds, brown patches, and more. If you don't have the time or expertise to keep your lawn lush and healthy, you don't have to leave it to its own devices. EnSec provides Florida and Alabama with a variety of lawn care services to help your lawn thrive and look its best.

Our General Lawn Care Process

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We've designed our Healthy Lawn Program to make your lawn healthy, lush, and keep weeds to a minimum. We do this by providing eight annual applications targeted to the needs of your turf during each season.

Your Healthy Lawn Program includes the following:

  • A free lawn analysis and estimate
  • Annual soil sample
  • Fertilizer applications in each standard service visit
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Broadleaf and grassy weed control
  • Turf damaging insect control
  • Soil amendments based on the results of your soil sample
  • Fungicide applications
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Our maximum protection guarantee

Our Specialty Lawn Care Services

Aeration Services

Our aeration service is extremely beneficial to lawns that are struggling to grow thick, healthy grass. It works by pulling up cores of soil all over your lawn. This aids growth by:

  • Introducing oxygen into the soil, which helps with root growth.
  • Breaking up compact soil, allowing nutrients to reach further into the soil.
  • Reducing thatch.
  • Cutting rhizomes and stolons to aid in new top growth.

We recommend an aeration treatment be performed annually for the best results.

Sod & Plugging Services

If you have bare areas in your lawn or are doing a renovation project, we offer sod and plugs as a fast solution to get your lawn back to looking its best. For areas larger than a few feet in diameter, we recommend using sod, while plugs are ideal for small bare spots. We only work with quality grass vendors to provide you with the best grass products available.

Our sod service is not available in July and August due to the high temperatures and risk of grass failure. Depending on your situation, we may need to apply an herbicide two weeks prior to installing the sod to eliminate old grass or weeds.

Grass Type Selection Recommendations

There are many types of grasses, each thriving under different conditions. If you need help selecting the type of grass that will work best for your lawn, contact us, and we'll make recommendations based on your landscaping and needs.

Top Dressing Lawn Services

Florida and Alabama both have sandy and clay-based soils that are not always conducive to healthy grass growth. If you're having trouble growing a thick, lush lawn, you may benefit from our top dressing service. This service applies Mirimichi Green, a prepared soil mix to the surface of your lawn. It won’t hurt your existing lawn but will reduce thatch, improve nutrient retention in the soil, optimize pH, introduce beneficial microbes, and improve the durability and appearance of your lawn.

EnSec Can Cover All Your Lawn Care Needs

From weeds to bare spots and everything in between, if you're having trouble with your lawn, EnSec can help. We offer a full range of lawn care services to meet your needs. Even if you're not sure what the problem is, contact us. We'll inspect your lawn and make service recommendations based on what we find. We love to help our customers grow rich, thriving lawns.

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