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Weedy LawnMaintaining a beautiful lawn doesn't have to be hard work if you hire a professional. Whether you have a particular lawn care problem or just want your yard to look better, ENSEC can help you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive approach focuses on weed elimination, core aeration, soil quality, fertilization and good mowing habits. All of these things can transform a lackluster lawn into a carpet of lush grass.

Weed Control

In late winter and almost any time of year, weeds pop up and try to take over your lawn. At ENSEC, we have a strategy for combating cool-season weeds, warm-season weeds, dandelions, clover and all kinds of plants that aren't welcome in your lawn. We only use products that are suitable for your type of grass, and we time applications precisely to achieve optimal results. When applied at the right time, pre-emergent herbicides will prevent the most tenacious weeds from sprouting. We'll also target existing weeds.

Core Aeration

Even the strongest grasses have a hard time growing in soil that is compacted by heavy traffic. Bare patches, low resiliency and moss growth are all signs that your soil is too compact. Core aeration gives roots room to grow and allows water, air and nutrients to reach below the surface. A healthy lawn starts with good soil and robust roots. A strong root system will help your lawn resist drought and the excessive heat that Mobile experiences. To maintain ideal conditions, we recommend an annual aeration instead of every other year.

Grub and Pest Control

We put our experience with bugs and insects to work to improve the appearance of your lawn. Beetles, fire ants, and grubs that destroy grass roots and turn your lush lawn into a brown field don't stand a chance against our systemic treatments. We also have a program to eradicate moles that uproot turf and kill landscape plants.

Some of our other lawn & outdoor services include our Healthy Landscape Solution and sod & plugging services.

Call our office in Mobile, and let us create a complete lawn care plan. If you want to improve your lawn's appearance and make your neighbors turn green with envy, ENSEC Pest & Lawn is the company to call.

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