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Flroida Lawn 2Ensec Pest and Lawn is a company dedicated to improving your lawn in a variety of ways. We provide the tools as well as the skilled professionals who can improve your daily life through the intelligent application of appropriate lawn care techniques. There are many ways to cultivate a healthy outdoor environment, so your family and friends can enjoy holidays and celebrations without any problems.

Ensec’s Aeration Services

Ensec provides exceptional aeration services for customers who want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lawn. Our professionals use a machine that is designed to provide the roots and core areas of the lawn with nutritional support. Aeration can take place any time during the year, and many people can benefit from these treatments over a period of time. Nourishing the roots of any lawn can boost the growth of any back yard. The healthy grass can improve the overall look of your lawn, and this has an effect on the perceived value of the property. Let an Ensec lawn professional give you an estimate of these important services.

Ensec Sodding and Plugging

If your lawn has bare patches, it can affect your entire back yard. Lawn renovation can be prohibitively expensive under the wrong conditions. The affordable solution to this situation is Ensec’s sod and plugs. Damage to any part of the lawn can have a detrimental effect to the property as a whole. Plugs are small patches that can take care of these spots without incurring large costs. In some cases, the area will need to be treated with various products or sprays. In many cases, the old layers of grass, weeds and other debris need to be removed before the new sod can be successfully installed.

Ensec’s Tree and Shrub Program

Ensec offers a comprehensive tree and shrubbery plan to individuals interested in developing their landscape. We provide services that are designed to create beautiful and sophisticated designs. These services include fertilizers, pest control and related procedures. Our professionals can help you to control the environment in order to create the conditions that are productive to an attractive landscape.

Professional Weed Control

Ensec offers professional weed control services to all customers. Weed control can take place on several levels. The soil can be cultivated in order to prevent weeds from growing, and this process may involve pre-emergent treatment, insecticides and turf analysis. Grass cultivation is an effective method for squeezing out weeds, and our treatment team understands the best method to use for any situation. Weeds can implant their seeds in any vulnerable soil, so our company provides customers with analytical services as well as active treatment plans.

Ensec’s Quality Control

Ensec Pest and Lawn is a dedicated company offering comprehensive lawn care services to anyone in need of any home improvement. This may include aeration, weed control, tree and shrub planting, and insect control services. Our professionals are experienced in diagnostic processes and various applications of many different kinds of lawn care. If you need exceptional results, contact a friendly Ensec customer service representative today. We will be happy to answer any questions about our products and services.

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