Pest Control in Navarre, FL

Termites 2Navarre's warm climate creates a thriving habitat for termites, mosquitoes and rodents. With plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, these pests stay on the move and never take a break from invading homes in Santa Rosa County. When outdoor pests threaten your happy home, let Ensec Pest & Lawn come in and take control.

Termite Control

Termites don't just attack from above ground; they also burrow beneath the surface and invade your space. From drywood termites to the subterranean type, these small pests compromise your home's structure and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in just a few months. Unfortunately, you may never know you have a termite infestation until it's too late, as these pests resemble ants and usually go unnoticed.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes cause problems for both people and pets, as these pests spread diseases while feeding on blood. From West Nile virus and chikungunya to dog heartworm, mosquitoes threaten people and animals throughout the year in Florida. They breed in standing water and congregate in swarms as they sweep across front and backyards. Do-it-yourself methods, such as candles and zappers, don't offer enough protection from these invasive creatures.

Rodent Control

Rodents cause a variety of problems for people living in Navarre. For one, rodents spread diseases such as rat-bite fever. Secondly, rodents chew through walls and build nests inside the home where they breed and multiply in numbers. From squirrels and rats to moles, rodents attack your home and property. While rats invade kitchen pantries and spread feces across countertops, moles create burrows in your lawn and eat food from the garden.

Affordable Pest Control Services in Navarre

Don't let termites, mosquitoes and rodents cause problems for you and your family any longer. Contact Ensec Pest & Lawn for a free quote on all services, and inquire about our Maximum Protection Guarantee. Our experienced team can inspect and diagnose the problem and come up with effective solutions for combating the pests in and around your home.

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