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Florida has many coastal communities, but few are as tight-knit or as indicative of small-town Florida as Perdido Key. Located far up the panhandle and along the Gulf Coast, Perdido Key is no stranger to the conditions that make for huge pest problems. Our tropical climate and moist air mean that populations can plague locals all year long. Only by learning how you can get an early start, with help from experts, can you guarantee that your Perdido Key home will remain pest-free.

Home Pest Control In Perdido Key, FL

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No one wants pests in their home. But, unfortunately, most people don’t worry about the very real threat of pests until they are already there. That’s when it’s too late to avoid the serious problems pests can bring to your property. From property damage to disease to the headache that comes from trying to eliminate populations that just refuse to go away, there are plenty of reasons why proper pest control should be your main concern. But rather than trying to keep pests out all on your own, instead turn to the professionals at EnSec. We can assist you in keeping your home pest-free whether you require early prevention or timely removal.

Here’s how we break down our effective control process:

  • Inspection: We can’t just come in and start working. First, we need to fully identify the scope of your pest problem. Our thorough and convenient inspections will reveal everything we need to know about how best to protect your home.
  • Treatment: Then it’s time for the fun part -- treating your home. We use methods that are safe and effective, both at warding off infestations before they become problems and with removing existing issues.
  • Follow-Up: The best way to make sure pests stay away is to keep at it. That’s why we offer recurring services and will always follow up after visits to make sure the solutions worked.

Get started on residential pest control for your Perdido Key home today by contacting EnSec Pest & Lawn.

The Secret To Keeping Ticks Away From Your Perdido Key Yard

Many people don't realize just how easily ticks can be tracked into their homes. The truth is that these tiny parasites are frequent invaders of human properties.

In order to avoid ticks, you need to pay attention to these important steps:

  • Smart Recreation: Whenever you travel outdoors, you’re in a tick’s habitat. They cling to vegetation and wait for people or animals to walk by to latch onto for feeding. This is why you should pick your routes carefully and cover your arms and legs.
  • Treatments: You can also treat your clothes with sprays or ointments that will temporarily ward off ticks and other pests.
  • General Pest Control: Other pests can bring ticks to your property. The smartest course of action is to turn to the pros for overall protection from all kinds of pest varieties.

Keep biting ticks out of your Perdido Key home by contacting EnSec today.

How To Prevent Fleas Around Your Perdido Key Home

People tend to think that fleas only hit homes with pets in them. While pets are a favorite target of fleas, they can bite people, too, and they don’t require a furry family member to be tracked indoors by unsuspecting people.

Below are some ways that you can decrease your risk of fleas in your Perdido Key home:

  • Inspections: No, we don’t mean property inspections, though those are also a very good idea. More so, we’re talking about inspecting yourself and your pets after any stints outdoors. Fleas can be tracked in after a simple brush past the wrong blade of grass, so look carefully before heading back into your home.
  • Treatments: The best way to ensure that fleas never invade is with treatments of your yard and exterior. A trained professional can get you started, so contact EnSec today.
  • Pest Control: Other pests, like rodents and raccoons, can also bring fleas to your property. This is why general pest control is so important.

Learn how EnSec can help keep your home free of fleas by contacting us today.

Bed Bug Warning For Perdido Key Residents

While all kinds of biting pests can be a problem for people and not just pets, bed bugs are best known for plaguing people. They can infest our mattresses, sure, but bed bugs can also hunker down in other areas of our homes. They are also a lot easier to get inside than you probably realize. Bed bugs, much like other parasitic pests, will cling to people’s belongings to hitch a ride back to our homes and businesses. This is how bed bugs can easily spread from one location to the next.

People aren’t often even aware that they are carrying these hitchhikers until they’ve already brought a population home. This is why folks should turn to professionals for a thorough inspection and treatment of their homes. At EnSec, we can check for signs of bed bugs or other pests, giving you helpful tips on how to avoid them and access to solutions that actually work to eliminate and prevent them in the future. Get started today by contacting us by phone or at our website.


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