Conditions Conducive to Pest Problems

Environmental Security Pest Control provides an integrated pest management approach that begins with a home inspection. During this inspection we identify "conducive conditions" that can cause pest control problems currently, and in the future.

It is critical to examine your property for environmental conditions, structural elements and property limitations to alleviate future pest problems and ensure Environment Security Pest Control technicians deliver the best service possible.
Examples of Conducive Conditions:

Wood to Ground Contact. Evidence proves termites like wood. Many termites live in the ground. When wood comes in contact with the soil it is much easier for termites to infest that wood. Wood in the ground is exposed to decomposing fungi that attracts termites and damages wood itself. If that wood is important to you, you must protect it. Environmental Security will reveal those typically hazardous installations of wood in and around our homes to help you identify and protect yours.

Excessive Moisture. Construction techniques and materials are designed to keep your house water resistant, but often their installation affects the maintenance of the structure. Moisture levels of 16% in wood construction wall systems will promote fungal growth. Fungi and the metabolic gases from the decomposition of cellulose material in your wall construction attracts termites and other pests to your home. Excessive moisture is not an elusive concept. The challenge is identifying the sources of excessive moisture in a hot and humid climate like we have on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama.

Types of Construction. The foundation type is important to understand for the inspection, treatment, and prevention of pests like subterranean termites. Different building types have space in between walls, floors, foundations, and attics that can harbor pests. Environmental Security Pest Control considers construction material and design elements to help you extend the value of a pest control professional. Some types of construction that create conducive conditions include:

  • Monolithic
  • Concrete block perimeter (supported or floating)
  • Off-grade (crawl space)
  • Piling
  • Basement

Reduce your risk of Pest Infestation


There are lots of snug places in and around your home. That is part of why pests are attracted to your safe harbour. Find out how to reduce your risk.

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