Saraland, AL Pest Control

TermitesPoised in southern Alabama, Saraland is a quaint town to call home. This suburb of Mobile offers residents the enjoyment of living in a small town with easy access to the amenities of a larger city. The warm climate keeps the winters moderate in this part of Alabama, but the summers are prone to violent thunderstorms from time to time. With the combination of heat and moisture, Saraland is a hot spot for pest activity.

Although there are many possible pests in Saraland, there are several varieties that are more common.

Bed Bugs

Most people worry about bed bugs when they travel. While it is true that hotels can be prone to infestations, it is important to realize that private homes and other businesses can also have problems. This is often due to the fact that bed bugs spread easily, and they can travel from one place to the next on your clothing or luggage. If you are not looking for bed bugs, their signs can be hard to spot. These bugs are small and shaped like an oval. While you may not see the bugs themselves, you might see red or brown marks on your sheets or mattress. Moreover, bed bugs can bite, leaving small red marks on exposed areas of your skin.


Mosquitoes are the quintessential pest. These insects buzz around outside, and they are known to prefer water sources. This means that ponds and lakes are especially problematic. However, mosquitoes can also be attracted to standing water in swimming pools, watering cans and buckets around your home. When mosquitoes bite, the effects are usually unmistakable. The site will often swell and become itchy. This is more than a nuisance in some cases. Mosquitoes are known to carry viruses and other illnesses. When they bite, they can spread those illnesses. This is why mosquitoes should be dealt with in a serious and prompt manner.


You might expect ants at a picnic, but you should never accept them inside your home. Ants can find their way inside through any crack or crevice, which can make it hard to safeguard your home or business. In many cases, ants are drawn inside for shelter, and they may stick around if they find a food source. Some homeowners see ants more often after a heavy rain, which is when the ants' underground home has been flooded. An occasional ant inside the house can be handled with do-it-yourself methods, but consistent infestations should be looked at by a professional. This is the best way to identify the type of ant, and this allows for efficient eradication of the problem.

In addition to these pests, residents may have to contend with roaches, spiders, mice, bats and other nuisances. Fortunately, Ensec Pest and Lawn can help. Too many pest control companies make big promises but turn out meager results. Ensec Pest and Lawn, however, has proven that it is different. Owned and operated by a family, Ensec has faithfully served Saraland and the surrounding areas for years. In addition to handling the pests listed above, Ensec has also successfully dealt with snakes, termites and other rodents.

Do not let pests bother you any longer. Trust Ensec Pest and Lawn to identify and fix the problem. Contact the Ensec team today to learn more.

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