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Semmes, AL, is a great place to live. It provides a small-town feel with the convenience of living in a bigger city, easy access to downtown Mobile, and is a quick trip away from beautiful Alabama beaches. The climate of Semmes is great for outdoor activities during most of the year.

This climate can also cause problems. Everyone knows how humid an Alabama summer can be, but most people don’t realize this heat and humidity also means you will deal with more pest problems. Fortunately, EnSec Pest and Lawn is here to handle all your pest control needs. We are a family-owned business that has been serving the community since 1997. We have the experience to treat any pest problem you face, and our staff always puts customer service first. If pests are causing problems in Semmes, call us today and let us get to work for you. 

Home Pest Control In Semmes, AL

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Are you worried about pests in your Semmes home? If so, at EnSec Pest and Lawn, we have a solution. Our three-step residential pest control plan will rid your home of pests and get you back to living pest-free:

  • Inspection: We start every residential pest control plan with a free inspection that identifies the pests in and around your home, how they are gaining access to your home, and areas of harborage within your home.

  • Treatment: After our inspection, we will develop a treatment plan designed to fit the unique needs of your home. Our treatments are environmentally friendly and safe for your whole family. We focus not only on elimination of current pests but also prevention of pest problems in the future.

  • Follow-up: We provide follow-up treatments based on the needs of your home. Our standard pest control plan is quarterly follow-up visits, but this may change based on your specific pest pressures.

Contact us today and let us get to work keeping your home free from pests, so you can get back to enjoying life without worrying about pests. 

How To Prevent Fire Ants On Semmes Lawns

Nothing can ruin a nice day in the backyard like stepping in a fire ant mound. These pests will sting aggressively, leaving you with multiple painful welts that may even cause you to seek professional medical treatment. To keep these pests away, eliminate the things that draw them to your lawn in the first place: food, water, and a place to live.

  • Turn mulch and other flower bed material every few weeks to eliminate moisture buildup.

  • Keep grass cut low and clippings picked up.

  • Remove ripe fruit from the ground.

  • Wash your trash cans regularly, using an ammonia-based solution as needed.

If you do have a fire ant problem, we recommend that you do not try to treat them yourself. Contact us and we will use our proven fire ant control system to quickly remove these pests from your yard. Our system not only eliminates the mounds but treats the soil to prevent them from coming back, giving you peace of mind that fire ants won’t be a concern for you and your family.   

Bed Bugs: Four Ways To Get Rid Of Them In Semmes, AL

Bed bugs are a growing problem, with the ability to gain access to your home in a number of ways. The best solution for bed bugs is to take precautions to prevent them. Here are four ways you can keep bed bugs out of your home:

  1. When traveling, try to keep your clothes and luggage off the floor of hotels, wrap your luggage in a bag, and vacuum your suitcase immediately after you get home.

  2. Wash or steam treat new clothes immediately after purchase.

  3. If you buy clothes from a secondhand store, make sure you inspect the lining, seams, and pockets for signs of bed bugs.

  4. Carefully inspect furniture for signs of bed bugs. Pay particular attention to the backs of drawers, corners, and under cushions on couches.

If you find yourself with a bed bug problem, call us immediately for bed bug control. We use a thermal remediation treatment that quickly eliminates bed bugs without using harmful chemicals and can get you back to sleeping comfortably in your bed after just one treatment.

Five Termite Control & Prevention Methods For Semmes Houses

There may be no greater threat to your home than termites. They can go undetected for long periods of time, causing thousands of dollars in damage before you realize you have a problem. Here are five tips to prevent termites from turning your home into their next meal:

  1. Keep wood piles at least 20 feet from the foundation of your home.

  2. Direct gutters and downspouts away from your home to eliminate moisture.

  3. Keep mulch at least six inches from your foundation.

  4. Check your HVAC system and pipes for leaks regularly.

  5. Move flower pots and plants away from your home's foundation.

For additional peace of mind, or If you suspect you have a termite problem, contact us today for a free termite inspection and for information about our termite control. 


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