Semmes, AL Pest Control

TermitesAlthough people have lived in Semmes, Alabama, for years, the city was only officially incorporated in 2010. With a small population, Semmes benefits from its proximity to Mobile, and residents are very proud of their city's short but bold history. The winters are mild in this part of the country, but the summers bring strong heat and severe thunderstorms. Unfortunately, these weather conditions also bring pests.

Homes and businesses in Semmes can be afflicted with a number of frustrating pests. Because the grueling summers are paired with relatively mild winters, these annoyances can flourish throughout the entire year. In order to properly protect your home or business, it is important to learn a little about common pests in Semmes.


These pesky insects are most common in the spring and summer since they thrive in the heat. Most commonly, mosquitoes are attracted to water, which means that homes near lakes, creeks or rivers can have difficulty with these creatures. However, most people fail to realize that mosquitoes will settle for any water source. This includes smaller ones that are commonly found on your property. Swimming pools, watering cans and even water collected in ditches can all attract mosquitoes. Due to the risk of disease through mosquito bites, these insects should never be ignored.

Bed Bugs

You may not realize you have a problem with bed bugs until unexpected, small bite marks show up on your skin after a night's sleep. Most people do not think to look for bed bugs, which take up residence in your sheets or mattress. These small creatures are oval in shape, but they may best be recognized by the reddish brown stains they leave on your bedding. These tiny nuisances spread quickly and easily, which means you can bring them into your home and spread them to every bed before you even realize you have a problem. These bugs are unpleasant and unsanitary, and only a professional can get rid of them without making your bedding unusable.


Ants know how to exploit any crack in your home. These tiny creatures are drawn to food, which is why you are likely to find them in your kitchen or pantry. The worst thing about these insects is that they do not work alone. If you have one ant, you probably have a whole colony. There are many types of ants, and it is essential to identify the kind in your home in order to devise an effective method of removal. Do-it-yourself methods tend to be very general, and they can have mixed results with specific ant populations in Semmes, Alabama. Fire ants are of particular concern in this part of the United States.

These pests can be a big problem for your home or business in Semmes. That is why Ensec Pest and Lawn offers comprehensive solutions. Ensec has been a family business in the Mobile community for years, and it has retained loyal clients with its professional courtesy and effective measures. In addition to the pests listed above, Ensec can also protect you against termites, small rodents, cockroaches, snakes and more.

Semmes may be a relatively new community, but the answer to effective pest control has been around for years. If you have pests in Semmes, contact Ensec Pest and Lawn as soon as possible.

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