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Silverhill is a small town located directly inland from Mobile Bay in Southern Alabama. Known for its small-town charm and coastal climate, even this Deep South escape can be rife with pest populations. From mosquitoes to rodents and termites to cockroaches, every Silverhill property owner needs to learn how to properly protect themselves from the serious problems a pest infestation brings.

Home Pest Control In Silverhill, AL

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Most people’s pest control policy is to wait until a problem presents itself before worrying about pests in their homes. Then, people often choose to wait until the problem goes away on its own rather than spend money or energy dealing with it. The problem is those pest problems come in cycles, so failing to break this cycle completely will simply set you up for constant pest issues. Not that you need to worry, either. Instead, turn to EnSec Pest & Lawn for comprehensive pest control that keeps out all the common invasive species in Alabama. Our services come in three simple yet effective steps:

  • Free Inspection: Even if you aren’t certain you have a pest problem, we can help you make sure. Our thorough inspections clue you into existing problems or factors that might be attracting pests to your home.
  • Treatment: Once we’ve determined your level of risk, we’ll implement interior and exterior treatment methods that fully eliminate the problem and protect against future infestations.
  • Follow-Up: The biggest benefit of professional pest control is that it’s ongoing. Even after we’ve treated your property, we’ll regularly check-in and make sure the problem stays gone.

How Do Roaches Get Into Silverhill Homes?

Few pests are as good at getting inside homes as cockroaches. Not only can these gross bugs squeeze through impossibly tight spaces, but they also aren’t easy to get rid of, either. That’s why local property owners need to know the ways roaches get inside in the first place, so you can take steps to block their access before they can get inside and pose larger health problems. Here are some access points to be aware of:

  • Windows: Cockroaches can chew through flimsy screens or take advantage of existing holes and tears to access your interior. Routine maintenance and repairs are important.
  • Doors: Roaches can also squeeze through small gaps below a door, flattening their bodies to clear even tight spaces.
  • Cracks & Holes: Speaking of tight spaces, it’s this flattening ability of cockroaches that allows them to squeeze through other openings around your home. Regularly check for cracks or holes around your exterior walls and, no matter how small, fix them.

For complete protection against cockroaches and other pests don't hesitate to contact EnSec. We can eliminate existing infestations and help you protect your property from future problems.

Four Backyard Mosquito Prevention Tips For Silverhill Homeowners

Our yards are supposed to be places where we can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. But pests like mosquitoes can quickly turn your hospitable backyard into a health hazard. Not only can these parasites bite you and leave itchy welts behind, but mosquitoes can also carry dangerous diseases that are far more serious than the bites themselves. That’s why it’s crucial that you implement the following prevention tips for your Silverhill home:

  1. Inspections: Only trained professionals can spot all the problem areas on and around your property. Let EnSec’s experts conduct a thorough inspection of your yard, making sure dangerous parasites aren’t already there.
  2. Water Elimination: Experts can also provide guidance on how to remove attractants, which for mosquitoes includes any form of standing water. Female mosquitos lay their eggs in water, so removing all nesting grounds is an important step for making your yard less attractive to new infestations.
  3. Larvicide: Another key way to reduce mosquito outbreaks is to treat your yard for eggs and larvae that will grow into biting adults. EnSec offers safe and effective larvicide treatments.
  4. Custom Treatment: Depending on the species of mosquito, customized treatments may be required to fully eliminate them from your property. Contact EnSec today to make sure you’re matched with the right solutions.

Why Is Professional Termite Control So Important In Silverhill?

While some pests are hazardous to your health, others can be hazardous to your property. Termites are some of the most destructive creatures on the planet, chewing through structural woods and leading to costly repairs and even the risk of collapse. Of course, a roof collapse or structural failure can also lead to injury and displacement, so there are also direct concerns to the people who live in homes that are targeted by termites. That’s why it’s crucial to get started on proper pest protection right away. If you wait until a termite problem is noticeable before you act, it can be too late to avoid the serious damage and ramifications of an infestation. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t wait to get started on overall termite control:

  • Costs: Not only can the damage they cause be hazardous, but termite destruction also isn’t cheap to fix. It’s a lot cheaper to invest in early prevention than it is to react to a problem that’s already there.
  • Property Value: Most homeowners have to pay for a Wood-Destroying Insect Report to sell their home. These reports are thorough and can severely impact the value of your home if termite damage is discovered.
  • Prevention: The best way to avoid the costs of a termite problem is by getting professional help with preventative treatments. Contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today to learn how we can protect your home.

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