Sod & Plugging Service


In the cases where bare areas exist in the lawn or where renovation is required we offer sod and plugs as a solution. We use only quality grass vendors and give the homeowners the makeover that their lawn needs. Sod is recommended in situations where the damaged or bare areas are larger than a few feet in diameter. Plugs work well in the smaller spots. Sod is generally available year round whereas plugs are sometimes not available. The recommended time for these services is while the grass is green and growing.

Depending on the scenario an application of a non-selective herbicide may be required to the area we are renovating prior to the installation of the new grass. We wait two weeks for the herbicide to run its course and then install the new grass. In the case of sod, we would first remove the dead or existing grass and weeds, grade out the area to be sodded, and then lay the new sod.

*Due to the intense heat we do not offer sodding service in the months of July & August. To schedule a sodding service please give us a call.

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