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Located right next to Mobile Bay, the small town of Spanish Fort, AL, offers all the bayside amenities and scenic views you could imagine. There’s a lot of natural beauty to behold in the area, but there are also a lot of local pests looking to experience that beauty for themselves. Unfortunately, pest activity is a year-round threat here in Spanish Fort, and that means our homes are in danger of experiencing pest infestation. The best way to guard your property against pests is to secure ongoing services from pest professionals.

Here at EnSec Pest & Lawn, we are proud to be the go-to pest control and lawn care company on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. We’re honored to service homes throughout Baldwin County and the surrounding areas, providing superior pest solutions at affordable rates. We cover a wide range of services, including termite treatments, bed bug heat treatments and warranties, fire ant control, wildlife trapping, mosquito management, home inspections, and seasonal needs. Call us today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Spanish Fort, AL

spanish fort residential home

If you own a home here in Spanish Fort, pest activity is something you should be aware of. Household pest infestation poses a variety of dangers to you and your loved ones, and it’s a total nightmare that can be very challenging to deal with.

That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself from pests. The only guaranteed way to protect your home and your loved ones from infestation is to secure ongoing services from pest professionals.

EnSec offers reliable home pest control treatments that local homeowners can feel good about. We are a team of certified operators and experienced pest technicians, and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction every step of the way.

Our treatments are always customizable, economical, and environmentally conscious. Our Maximum Protection Guarantee promises you lasting, pest-free results that you can count on. Contact us to discuss your residential pest control needs today.

Lawn Care In Spanish Fort, AL

Taking good care of your lawn is crucial for proper pest maintenance. Pest infestation and unhealthy landscaping are closely linked, which is why securing the proper care for your yard is so important. The team at EnSec provides complete lawn care solutions that Spanish Fort property owners can trust. Our team is familiar with local grass and plant types, and we understand the needs of the soil in the area. We help your lawn absorb the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive.

We offer a long list of lawn care treatments, including fertilization, aeration, weed control, sod and plugging services, topdressing, turf and plant damaging insect control, and disease control. Our team helps you maintain the best mowing and water services, and we schedule ongoing services throughout the year to help you keep your property healthy on a continuing basis. Reach out to us today to discuss your lawn care needs, we look forward to helping you.

Why Spanish Fort, AL Residents Should Let The Pros Deal With Their Rodent Problems

When rodents get into your home, they can cause a lot of serious problems. Rodent infestation compromises the health and safety of you and your loved ones in a variety of ways. Firstly, they feed on garbage and decaying matter. They pick up bacteria and pathogens which they then go on to spread around on the surfaces of your home. They leave feces and urine everywhere they go, contaminating every inch of your property and exposing you to a long list of diseases.

Something else to consider is that many rodents live in the wall voids of the house. They can fit into the tiniest openings and gnaw their way through anything soft enough for their teeth to pierce. Not only do they chew away at the construction of your home, but they chew on electrical wiring, risking a potential house fire. It’s not worth the risk. Your best bet is to reach out to the team at EnSec. Contact us today for quality rodent control you can rely on.

How To Stop Fleas & Ticks From Taking Over Your Spanish Fort, AL Property

Both fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that latch onto their chosen host and suck on their blood. The longer they go undetected, the further they burrow into your skin, and the greater your chances of contracting an illness. In order to protect yourself from ticks and fleas, try the following:

  • Check everyone (including pets) for any ticks after being outside.

  • Eliminate clutter, and vacuum carpets, floors, furniture, and crevices.

  • Shower promptly after spending time outdoors.

  • Stay out of tall grass, brush, and wooded areas.

  • Treat pets with a flea bath and/or flea spray.

  • Treat your clothing with, or buy clothing pre-treated with permethrin.

  • Use insect repellents before participating in outdoor activities.

  • Use outdoor flea repellent on the exterior of your home.

  • Vacuum eggs and larvae, and properly dispose of vacuum bags in a sealed trash can.

  • Walk in the center of trails when walking, hiking, running, etc.

  • Wash all bedding, linens, laundry on high heat, and steam clean upholstery.

The prevention methods listed above can go a long way in keeping ticks and fleas away, but the most reliable form of protection is professional services. The team at EnSec Pest & Lawn performs thorough treatments that minimize flea and tick populations on your property and protect you from these parasitic pests in the future.


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