Termite Control, Treatment and Inspection Services

A Termite Control Inspection can Save you Thousands in Property Damage

Termites do more annual damage to structures than fire, flood, and windstorm combined. Protect your home with a termite inspection. Our structural pest professionals look for evidence of any wood-destroying insects or wood-destroying organisms on the interior and exterior of your property. We look for conducive conditions that can promote termite activity and are able to provide immediate treatment or preventative measures.

After the termite inspection, you will receive a complete report that outlines the findings of your inspection and a professional diagnosis on the right termite treatment for your property.

Termite Control Treatment

Remember, the best opportunity for preventing termites and other wood destroying organisms is to treat materials during construction. This can minimize the need for ongoing chemical products and provide another layer of protection for your property and health.

If termites are found during the initial inspection, treatment can begin immediately using the most effective and environmentally friendly methods. ENSEC professionals always keep the safety of your family and the environment in mind for any level of termite treatment.

Termite Warranties

termiteENSEC offers warranties for retreatment of infestations if termites cause structural damage after corrective or preventative steps were taken. Additionally, if upon inspection your property is free of termites we offer various repair warranties.  In fact, we are so confident in our staff and the products that we use, that our standard repair warranty level is $250,000.

If you would like to receive a free consultation and estimate for an initial termite job click here. 

If you're new to a home learn more about termite warranty transfers.

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