Termite Prevention Tips

Termite and Rot DamageTermites cause a lot of damage, and they can be a very expensive pest to eradicate. In a short period of time, termites have the ability to damage the structure of a home. No one wants to deal with an infestation, and many homeowners worry about what to do if they see a termite. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can keep termites from taking over.


The first step to preventing termites is to get rid of as much moisture as you can. Termites need moisture to live, and they thrive off of it. Take care to keep your home and the area around it as dry as possible.


In addition, it is important to take a close look at your foundation four times per year. Walk all around it and look to see if you notice anything out of place. The concrete itself will not be damaged. However, there could be mud tubes, which indicate that termites are trying to make their way up your home to find wood. If mud tubes are present, you should take further steps to eradicate your termite problem.


To further ensure that you don’t have termites, take one of your best flashlights and pay a visit to your crawlspace (or basement, if you have one). Again, you are looking for mud tubes or any visible signs of damage to your home. Pay particular attention to the ceiling line. If you see damage, and you are concerned that it could be related to termites, push gently into the wood in question. If it does not hold firm, there is an issue that you need to address. It is best not to wait; the sooner you address the problem, the better off you will be.

Additional Tips

There are a number of other ways to discourage termites from making themselves comfortable in your home. Clean any clutter or debris from around the house. Boards, tree trunks and more can all make your home seem attractive to these pests.

Your crawlspace should be properly ventilated. Check to ensure that your gutters and downspouts are working correctly; if not, install new ones. Make sure you don’t have vegetation growing over your vents. In addition, don’t bring firewood close to the house and elevate it so that it is not sitting directly on the ground. Don’t bring it inside without looking closely to make sure there is nothing wrong with the wood.

Termites are a serious problem, and they are something that every homeowner should watch out for. If you believe you have found signs of their presence, it is best to avoid trying to handle the issue on your own. Instead, get in touch with Ensec Pest & Lawn. We will help you come up with a plan to treat the problem and keep further damage from occuring. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from having a professional take care of your termite problem.

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