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Nestled on the coast in Florida’s panhandle, the small town of Tiger Point is a water lover’s paradise. It’s a neighborhood-focused area that’s sprinkled with local businesses while also having premier water access and a breezy drive to Pensacola. The area will experience a steady amount of warmth all year long, while hitting its peak during the summer. These conditions are ideal for people who enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities; however, pests such as mosquitoes, termites, and wildlife also seek these conditions. 

Since 1997, EnSec Pest & Lawn has been ensuring that Tiger Point homeowners are able to live pest-free. It’s our mission to use only the safest, green products available, proving that safety and results can go hand-in-hand. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you meet all of your pest control goals — just call us and receive your free estimate. It’s that simple!

Home Pest Control In Tiger Point, FL

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For more than two decades, EnSec Pest & Lawn has been protecting Tiger Point homeowners from all of the danger and damage that common area pests pose. From start to finish, our highly trained technicians work with homeowners to understand the entirety of their pest problem in order to provide them with a totally unique plan for treatment and follow-up. We use only green products that have been proven safe and effective, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you're safe from pests as well as unnecessarily harsh chemicals.

And for the most pervasive pests, we offer specialized services for pests such as bed bugs, red fire ants, termites, and mosquitos. Simply put, there's no pest situation that we can't handle; we guarantee it. For more information on keeping your Tiger Point home safe and free from pests, contact us today for home pest control. 

Six Easy Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Tiger Point Home

Rodents have grown dependent on humans to give them everything they need, which makes preventing their presence all the more difficult. That said, here are six tips to keep them outside of your Tiger Point home:

  1. Seal up any cracks or potential areas of entry to your home with rodent-proof materials like caulk, wire mesh, and sheet metal.

  2. Always store food and trash securely.

  3. Keep your home clean and free from clutter.

  4. Patch up your ceiling and roof, ensuring that both are in good working order.

  5. Keep crawl spaces, basements, and attics well ventilated.

  6. Contact the professionals.

Whether you currently have the presence of rodents in your home or are looking to keep them out, contact the professionals at EnSec Pest & Lawn today for more information. 

How To Tell If Your Tiger Point Property Has A Termite Problem

Termites are a damaging and costly pest to encounter. They wreak havoc on your Tiger Point Property and sometimes go for years undetected, leaving property owners to pay for the problems they’ve caused. Here are a few signs that may indicate that you have an active termite colony on your property:

  • Presence of mud tubes connecting your foundation to the ground

  • Bubbling paint or wallpaper

  • Blistering wood

  • Hollow-sounding walls

  • Visible swarming termites or discarded wings or body parts

When it comes to termites, prevention is key. It’s a difficult task for the average homeowner, which is why the best thing you can do is call EnSec Pest & Lawn today for professional termite monitoring and control. 

Tips To Avoiding Cockroaches In Tiger Point Homes

Once cockroaches are inside your home, they have little reason to leave, as they can live without sustenance for a while and at one point or another, they’ll get what they came for. Avoiding cockroaches is always preferable, so here are a few tips for keeping them out of your Tiger Point home:

  • Keep your home clean. Cockroaches have a reputation for being attracted to filth, and with good reason. Try to not leave dirty dishes in the sink, make sure to clean surfaces regularly, and vacuum or sweep floors consistently.

  • Store food and trash securely. There’s nothing roaches love more than your food, which is why it’s so important to always store food in airtight containers and use a trash bin that has a secure, locking lid.

  • Prevent access. Cockroaches can make their way into your home very easily if you have exposed cracks, crevices, or openings around doors and windows. Be sure to fill these vulnerable areas, repair window screens if necessary, and utilize weather stripping around doors and windows.

If you suspect cockroaches are present in your home or if you’re looking to prevent their presence, contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today. 


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